With this tool, users can record short 15-second videos, and in addition to changing the video speed, users can also select and use their favorite music and other sounds to use on the recorded video.

Users can then share their final videos in the story or post or send them directly to other users and friends.

Such a feature has been used before in the “Tiktak” application, which has been widely used and loved by users.

Using such a feature can be a good way to attract more users through the Instagram app and compete more with the TikTok application.

Although TikTok users see this feature as an imitation, it is clear that adding this feature, even if it is an imitation, can have a very direct impact on attracting an audience to the network. It may even lose some of its users because Instagram has more main features.

The popular and attractive program TikTok, which has recently been able to gain a lot of popularity among users around the world, has provided successful and attractive updates, which has attracted more users.

Instagram has also had a successful experience to date in copying the capabilities of other applications, including this application has experience copying Snapchat in 2016. At that time, he copied the stories of this platform, which was very well received by its users.

In the past, this feature was called Scenes. But now it has been revealed that this feature is actually called Reels, on which the Instagram application has opened a very special account in order to attract more users to its application.

It seems that now that the TikTok application is facing a difficult and complex obstacle called the United States Regulatory Authority, other popular social networks such as Instagram and YouTube can take advantage of this opportunity.

They can take advantage of the features that have drastically increased the popularity of this program among users on their platform and prevent this Chinese application from becoming more and more influential among American users and other populous and developed countries. They can also invite the users of this app to their application and mention them as users of their networks.

It is quite natural that a cyberspace user who approaches this space for entertainment, leisure, and relaxation is never interested in getting involved in politics and things like that.

So when the TikTok app gets involved in politics, other apps can attract network users,
In this way, when Tik Tak users are a little tired and bored, they will attract them with extensive advertisements, and in this way, they will increase both their download record and the record of active users of their network.

So the result of this popular and popular program is that it is a very exciting and fun program and it can also make you very famous and popular among users around the world. All of these things can be done by following the principles of ticking.

Do not worry, this program also has a high level of security, and you can set and enforce many restrictions on accessing your account and your posts. Note that all of these features are available in the TikTok privacy section and are applicable.