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TikTok policy

TikTok policy- TikTok is the most popular video-driven app that originated in the populous Asian country of China. This popular application only has a mobile version and can be run on both Android and iOS operating systems.

TikTok app was first released in China in September 2016 as Doein (Chinese: 抖 音) and was released outside of China for the United States and Brazil in 2017 under the title TikTok app.

TikTok app is a video-based application that only users can upload videos to. They can make short videos (3 to 60 seconds) and publish them, as well as connect with users of this space around the world.

This noisy app was initially started by buying and changing the brand of the American Musical Lee app, initially in Western countries, including the United States and Brazil.

In 2020, there were some concerns about the threat to US national security and the fear that the information of the American people would fall into the hands of the Chinese government. This prompted the US government to threaten to close the app within its territory; Because China and the United States do not have a good relationship, and this made the United States afraid that China would misuse the information of American users.

However, negotiations began with one of the most famous American companies, Microsoft, with the Chinese side; Until part of the program is purchased by the US and thus the management of part of the program by the US government to ensure the security of American user data.

After the two companies did not reach an agreement and this caused more confusion between the Chinese and American governments, the United States blocked the download of this program in the Play Store for its users and all over the world.

And then with the emergence of these issues and confusion, Twitter was added to the group of buyers of the American section of TikTok and asked to buy a part of this application.

As tensions escalated between the Chinese government and the powerful US government, creating tensions, the behavior and actions of TikTok and its owner came under scrutiny around the world.

A global news agency called Reuters reported in November 2019; The Chinese company Bite Dance, the owner of TikTok, has been investigated for buying the American social network Musical Lee, which sold for $ 1 billion.

There were also concerns and stresses from lawmakers and American politicians about how to collect users ‘personal information and the fear that American users’ information would be made available to profiteers. And the allegations of censorship by the Foreign Investment Monitoring Committee were crucial for Americans to investigate and ensure.

American politicians did not expect this to be rejected by the Chinese when they offered TikTok a share purchase, so their concerns were redoubled.

The committee, which was tasked with investigating and inquiring about the application, is overseen by the US Treasury Department. The committee also has a key role to play in overseeing the risk assessment of foreign investment and companies for US national security.

After the emergence of US-China policies, China’s resistance to the sale of TikTok shares caused the committee to become embroiled in problems and TikTok policy.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the government was considering banning TikTok, and a White House spokesman said that if TikTok did not divest its stake in US-buying companies. , Steps will be taken against TikTok, which will not benefit the Chinese program at all.

At the same time, a group of Republican senators has expressed concern about the possible involvement of TikTok in the US presidential election.

According to Reuters, Mark Rubio, Tom Cotton and a number of other Republican lawmakers involved in these issues and policies of the TikTok app wrote a letter to the President on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. The administration of then-President Donald Trump was asked to personally investigate the threats posed by the social network’s involvement in the US presidential election.

As at that time, the issue of the US presidential election 4 years later had become very popular and involved everyone; Problems with the TikTok app and the possibility that American users’ information may be compromised; It could certainly be dangerous for Donald Trump to run and be a useful topic for his opponents.

In their letter, the lawmakers cited the Chinese government’s censorship of sensitive topics on the TikTok social network and the manipulation and directing of political debates on the network.

The allegations were substantiated by the fact that the app quickly deleted any video with critical content from the Chinese government. Some videos of the country’s political leaders’ treatment of people below them were posted on the network, which was quickly deleted by the network itself.

(The only one can buy it) This is what Donald Trump said; Just after his advisers advised him that shutting down a Chinese social media site, which by the way has about 100 million active followers at the time, would not be as easy as he thought.

Trump has asked well-known American companies to persuade only one of them to sell a portion of the app’s shares so that he does not have to deal with China over the app anymore.

The banning of such a popular network, in which millions of active users are active every day, even for someone who holds the title of President of the United States; can have serious legal consequences and should not involve itself in TikTok policy.

So he changed his mind before China opened its mouth to criticize his decision to cancel TikTok; So that in the run-up to the 2020 elections, the 100 million mostly young viewers of this social media will not be stubborn and will jeopardize their votes.

It is worth mentioning that now, on September 2, 2020, the users of this Chinese social network will reach about one billion users, and this program has somehow achieved the record of Danbood, which no other program has come close to this record.

For some time now, an extra-partisan group of active members of Congress in the United States has expressed concern about the access of Beat Dance Company, which sponsors TikTok, to the private information of American TikTok users or the censorship of their media content. What can be guessed is that these remarks have become more and more in order to get closer to the presidential election.

These concerns are the result of a label that Washington has labeled large Chinese companies as Chinese military mercenaries. In such a way that the user information of internet activists of other countries who have accounts in their own networks is provided to the army of the country.

In the case of TikTok, the accusation is based on spying on American followers and playing their minds to influence the November US election vote and has caused a great deal of concern to the presidential candidate.

But the story goes back at least a year and a half, when the United States pointed the arrow of threat at Huawei, from destabilizing cyberspace to circumventing anti-Iranian sanctions, and whatever the charges were. The Chinese tech giant attributed. So now that it has put so much pressure on China, it cannot expect China to have anything to do with them.

Cha, who started all these soft wars between the United States and the Chinese government, and now expects China to take no action.

In response to these remarks, the US government spokesman said; Cannot comment on the Foreign Investment Supervision Committee’s investigation. But it should be noted that the company is “producing the best security structures” and providing the most secure services to users around the world.

The implication of this American spokesman is that his remarks are intended to call on the Chinese government to remain calm so that China does not worsen the current situation as the US election approaches.

Some time ago, another spokesperson for TikTok stated that although our social network is not for political discussions; “With investment and effective measures, it tries to ensure the security of this network and learns from the experiences of other social networks in the previous presidential election.”

He added; “TikTok app currently has specific policies to combat the dissemination of false information and does not accept political advertisements. “Content posted on the TickTack social network is also the responsibility of employees who work in California and are not under the influence of any outside power.”

Finally, on August 27, 2020, Kevin Meyer, a former Disney CEO who took over as CEO of TickTack in May 2020, came to the fore. The CEO did not resign for a long time due to the US government’s pressure on the company and his involvement with the weight of the TikTok policy.

According to the Associated Press, Motamed News Agency, in his resignation letter, he addressed the staff of TikTok; “Under the influence of a dramatic change in the political climate,” he decided to step down as CEO of this busy company.

Kevin Meyer also wrote in a part of his letter to TikTok employees:

“I have thought a lot about the requirements for restructuring the company and its impact on the roles and responsibilities that belonged to me. And given these issues, and given that we have to reach a solution very quickly, I am not able to bear these tensions. And I regret to inform you that I have decided to resign and leave the company. »

TikTok thanked Mr. Meyer in a statement, adding: “We understand that the political changes of recent months will have a major impact on Mr. Mayer’s duties and plans, and we fully respect his decision. »

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