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Tik Tok settings

TikTok settings

TikTok settings- TikTok app is a comprehensive and popular application designed to share short videos (3 to 60 seconds). The app, which has made a lot of noise since its inception, comes from the heart of China, Xiaomi’s hometown of Huawei.

China is the most populous country in the world in recent years, offering great programs and products. China has been able to experience significant growth and through this growth and development to create a special place for itself in the heart of the global market.

According to economic analysts, the economic future of technology is expected to be in China in a few years and to remain on the economic course.

This is obvious, and you know that if you want to buy a Xiaomi phone that is a Chinese product and has just been introduced to the global technology market; You should be aware of the settings of this smart device or at least try to learn it.

Because if you are not aware of the settings of this device, you have actually wasted your money and you can not use all the features of this mobile phone well.

The same goes for using the TikTok app. If you want to use this social network, you need to know its settings and be aware of them. Otherwise, it will not be of much use to you and you can only watch videos in this program for beginners.

But do not worry, in this section, thanks to the explanations that we will give you, you can get acquainted with the TikTok settings in the profile page section, which is the most basic section.

Profile page settings:

In the first part of your account profile settings in the TikTok program, there are two main parts, one is the settings related to editing the profile or profile, and the other is the inbox or box that holds your files, which we want to examine in the first part.

The most basic part is the settings related to your account profile, in this basic part, you have to do the following steps and follow the relevant tips.

In the Edit profile section you can change the following:

1. First name (for an introduction)

2. Work name (the name by which your account is searched)

3. Biography or letter of introduction (for a brief introduction of your personality)

4. Connecting TikTok account to Instagram account (linking account to Instagram)

5. Connecting TikTok account to YouTube account (linking account to YouTube)

6. Change user page profile photo or video (the image you choose for your profile)

First, we need to know that to make and adjust all these changes and settings, we need to go to our user page in the TikTok app. After opening the main page, open the Me icon at the bottom of the page, and on the right, and select the three dots at the top of the page, select the settings option, and enter the settings page of your account.

To do all these settings it is necessary to know this point because the initial stages of all these things are similar.

Have you ever noticed when logging in to a user page that a person’s username may be different from the one below their profile picture? This is the same small and original name.

To change your name in TikTok according to the same steps as we said, after referring to the settings section, you must click on the option, edit profile. Then in that section, we will be faced with several options, select the first option mentioned in it, which is the name, and make the necessary changes.

In this section, you can choose any name you want for yourself and there is no limit to the choice of your name, even if thousands of people are in TikTok with that name; Because it should be noted that most users use their name in this section.

Note that this is not your account name and is only on the first page and below the profile picture and above your biography (mostly for an introduction). And it is actually for recognition, so you can safely set the name you have or the name that your friends know you by as your first name.

Now, in the next section, we come to the second step, which is related to changing your username, the name with which they search and follow you:

To change your username in the TikTok app, after referring to the settings section, as in the previous step, we click on the option, edit the profile, and as before, we will be faced with several options in that section.
In this list, the first part that we found out was a small name, the second part of this list is also a username. We have to select this option for the username settings and then make the necessary changes we want.

At this point, you can not give your username whatever you want and there are some restrictions that we will mention to you.

1. Note that your username should not be duplicate and similar to the other username in TikTok. Therefore, when setting up a username, some names will appear in red for you, because that name is already set as a username in the TikTok app.

2. Your username must be at least four letters long, which means you can not choose a three-letter name for your username.

3. Your username must be written in English letters. As you know, English is an international language and in international and global applications, names must be written in letters that can be read by all users. Since English is the common language of all nations, so you should set your name with these letters.

4. You know for sure that the username is the name you choose for your account and you will be known by that name in cyberspace.

You should make sure that your username is legible and direct so that it does not mislead your followers and they can easily search and find your account and mention you in their comments or even in their captions.

The third step, which is to set up your account biography, is a bit more complicated than the previous steps because you need to provide concise and useful information on your page.

As in the previous steps in this section, you have to click on the option, edit account, or profile to change and adjust the biography of your account in TikTok to the settings section. As we said, in that section, you will be faced with several different and step-by-step options.

Select the third step of these options, which is the bio or bio gaffe, and in this section, we will start writing about ourselves and the account we have.

Note that in order to regulate an effective and complete bio, it is necessary to know a few points and follow them:

1. Your resume should not be so long as to make your page look bad, nor should it be so short that it does not contain any information, it should contain enough information for other users to find a relative knowledge of you.

2. Since bio is better to introduce you to be composed of beautiful and creative words. If you have ever noticed that most cyberspace users use interesting poems or words to introduce themselves, for example, a photographer writes in his bio (be a photographer).

3. You do not need to mention your name again in the biography because, in the first part, which was a small name setting, your name will be registered at the top of the user page biography.

4. In a biography, you can first identify the role or work you do in the TikTok app. For example, if you are a singer, if you are a dancer, if you are a comedian, or … you can start your bio by mentioning this issue and have a direct reference to your work.

5. In the user page bio, you can verbally and briefly describe your job, your interests, the jobs in which you are skilled, your field of study or degree, your beautiful traits, and …. Mention.

6. You can also write your page biography in English so that everyone can read and know about you.

Nowadays, because most of the people who use TikTok are young people and through this, they can form a relationship with more than one virtual friend, in most accounts, users specify in their widow that they are married or single and They are either in a relationship or alone or they put such points in their bio page.

So keep in mind that the more useful and concise your biography is and the use of beautiful and attractive words in it, the more interesting it can be for your followers and audience. And also, as mentioned above, you can attract more followers by setting a beautiful and attractive widow.

In general, we conclude that choosing the right window for your page can be directly related to increasing your followers as well as your better introduction to them.

If you are an active person in cyberspace and use a lot of social networks. So you know for sure that ah; Many celebrities in this space link their personal pages in several virtual networks so that their followers in one network can easily find their pages in other networks, videos, or posts. View their apps and follow the user in other apps if they are interested.

Or they can even share what they publish on one social network on their other pages on other networks through this connection.

For example, after linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account, when posting on Instagram or sharing a story, you can also share that post or story on your Facebook with just one tick.

At first, you might think that when you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

The Tik Tak program also provides such a possibility for individuals. To connect your TikTok account to Instagram or YouTube, by doing a very simple task, you can introduce your pages to your followers on other networks or publish content on other virtual networks in which you can share. This will make it much easier for your followers.

To do this, you need to refer to your settings in their Tok program, as mentioned before, and then click on the option, edit profile. As you can see, in this section, you will be faced with several options.

One of these options that have been shown to you is marked with the name of Instagram and the other with YouTube. In fact, one option is Instagram and the other is YouTube.

On the opposite side of both options, there is a similar article titled (Linking account to Instagram) and (Linking account to YouTube) that you can select any of these options by going to the relevant settings Apply to link your TikTok account with Instagram or link your TikTak account with YouTube.

You do not need to connect your TikTok to both other programs, and if you only work in one of these two apps, do not worry, you can connect to either.

In this section, as in the previous steps, you do not have to work very hard. All you have to do is connect both of your accounts to the shared email through which you created these two accounts, or enter your phone number for both applications.

Note that this is done so that there is a common factor between the two programs so that your programs can be easily connected.

Note: Note that you can put an invitation link to your pages on other networks in the bio page of each of these programs so that your followers can go directly to your other pages.

For example, put a link or QR code of your TikTok on your Instagram bio page so that your users and followers on Instagram can easily access your TikTok account and follow you if they wish.

To change and adjust the photo or video that you select for your profile, you must first go to the TikTok settings and then, as in the previous steps, enter the profile settings page by selecting the same icons and options.

According to the previous process, by referring to the settings section and the profile editing section, the selected options appeared for you, in the upper part of these options, you will see the profile change icon.

The TikTok app was the first virtual app in which you could use short video for your profile, and this feature was very attractive and new to users. At one point, most TikTok users used video for their profile.

In August 2020, the Telegram program in a new update ticked this feature to its public and global application, which is one of the most attractive and widely used messengers (but due to the political aspects between the US and Russia about This application is not talked about much) he added that this time this feature was praised and liked by Telegram users.

After you go to the profile editing section, at the top of the settings, you will see two circles, one with a photo icon (camera) and the other with a video icon (camcorder). These two circles are intended for setting and changing your username.

By selecting any of those circles, you can change your profile. As you can see, by selecting the circle on the right side of the page where the photo or camera icon appears, you can adjust your profile photo or change it to another photo.

And by selecting the circle on the left side of your TikTok settings page, you will see the video icon or the camcorder; You can select a short video from your gallery and set it for your TikTok account profile.

You may be wondering if your profile is a photo and you now want to choose a video for it, would you do a different process? The answer to this question is no, you can set your profile according to the instructions given.

Note that the video you choose to set your profile in TikTok should be between 3 to 6 seconds, ie not less than 3 seconds and not more than 6 seconds. It is the law that TikTok itself will make your profile boring. No comments are considered.

If it’s less than 3 seconds, the app itself will ask you to select another video for your profile, and if the video you select is longer than 6 seconds, TikTok lets you crop or crop the video to Shorten the same program in the profile editing section, which means that you do not need to refer to video editing programs to be able to use your favorite video for your TikTok account profile.

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