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TikTok Tricks

TikTok Tricks

TikTok Tricks – TikTok app is a video-based app that was launched in China in 2016 and worldwide in 2017.

The application, which quickly became popular among cyberspace users, was created in China, the world’s most populous country, and launched worldwide.

At the beginning of its work, the TikTok app entered the virtual arena by buying shares in an American musical company, and this program opened a place for itself in the internet market with the support of the big company Bit Dance.

This program is presented in two versions due to some political problems and restrictions that exist in China.

One of these versions was released under the Duane brand and is only applicable to users in China, and the other is the TikTok app, which is applicable to other countries.

The two versions are interconnected, meaning that they are not actually separate or distinct sections, and were made exclusively for the Chinese just because China could not use Google Play.

This comprehensive program allows users around the world to connect with the world by making and publishing short videos (3 to 60 seconds).

This noisy application with its in-app capabilities allows people to make their videos more beautiful and attractive and then share them. This program has become an interesting and fun place for young people and even adults to spend their free time.

Of course, it goes without saying that this program, with its video-centric design, is more suitable for young people and teenagers, and most of the users of this network are young people and teenagers.

One of the best and most popular short video sharing programs, the number of users of which has been increasing strangely and unbelievably recently, is the TikTok app.

This application, which is considered one of the powerful and serious competitors of YouTube and Instagram, allows its users to make short video clips, share them with their friends and followers, and become famous and popular.

You know that Internet users spend many hours a day on social networks. In previous years, Facebook was one of the most important social networks that still has its own fans.

But now Instagram has almost replaced this social network and most people around the world who deal with social networks use Instagram.

It is also likely that in the near future, applications and other applications and social networks, including Tic Tac, which has reached a good position in the short term, will replace Instagram.

Using theTik Tok app is not a difficult task at all, and the user interface of this app is very simple and user-oriented so that it is liked by most cyberspace users.

The general application of the Tik Tok app, knowing these tricks, and observing them is a must for you.

Important Note: Note that these tricks work for both Android and iPhone versions of the Tik Tok app.

The Tik Tok app has not yet released a version for Windows PC, and only the mobile version is applicable for both Android and iOS operating systems.

What does TikToker mean?

The title TikTok app means a user who has gained popularity and popularity in the Tik Tok program and has many followers.

In other virtual networks, the same term is used for influencers, and influencers belong to a specific nominal network.

For example, people who work on the virtual network YouTube and are very popular and popular are called YouTube.

Now we come to the Tik Tok tricks in this program:

1. The first option a successful influencer need is to be able to hide the videos he or she likes from his or her followers.

2. Download other users’ videos and get ideas from them.

3. Save videos in this program as GIFs.

4. You can archive and categorize your favorite videos on this network.

5. Block the download of your videos and make sure that anyone who wants to see your videos, goes to your tick page.

6. You can block the display of videos or music of a particular user whose works you do not like.

7. You can upload multiple videos at the same time.

8. Ability to convert dubs to live wallpaper (live wallpaper) in the Tik Tok app.

9. There is a dedicated barcode for your TikTok app profile, share it with others.

10. You can easily access and manage your favorite video.

11. Control internet usage in your TikTok.

Hide videos you like:

In the Tik Tok app, anyone who follows you and is interested in your work can see which video you liked and liked by visiting a section on a very simple freeway.

Some people may not have a problem with this access and do not care who sees their likes. But you may want to protect your privacy and not let others see what videos you like.

Close the posts you like to your users and followers and do not show them what kind of videos you like. And also do not realize that you like them, you do not have to work hard at all,

All you have to do is go to the three dots at the top of the page by going to your user page, which is indicated by the Me icon, and go to the settings section in your TikTok.

After going to the settings section and after opening the options, tap on the Privacy and Safety option and you will be redirected to a new page.

You will be presented with a list of options again, where you will be presented with an option called Who can view your favorite videos.

As soon as you set this option to only me, you will see a lock in your favorites tab.

This lock icon that appears to you means that now only you can see the videos you liked and no one else can see them and can not access them.

These security features in the TikTok app mean that you can maintain your privacy on the network and continue to operate in a secure environment.

Download videos from other users:

The second tip for using TikTok tricks is to download other users’ videos or influencers to duet with their videos. For more popularity, share the duets and you can also save and download these videos to get ideas from other people’s videos.

Do you know what duet means? Ever had a duet with other users’ videos?

Duet: You may have come across this type of video many times and have seen two videos side by side that complement each other or both videos play the same dub.
This is called duetting, in which you save a video and record a video of it yourself and publish it using the tweeting duet feature.

Note that duetting is one of the most useful ways to attract followers, so it is better to duet with popular users to get more views and publish your videos more.

As mentioned, you probably know that users in the attractive and full-service network of the Tik Tok app make short videos (in the form of dubs) and share them with others, so you may have this question. Is it possible to download or save other videos published in Tik Tok or not ?!

In answer to this question, we say yes! And we teach you how to download other users’ videos and save them in your mobile phone gallery.

Normally, if your target user has not changed their account settings and has not downloaded their videos directly, you can simply download the video of your choice directly from the TikTok app itself.

But there is a second mode, which is also related to the privacy part of this program if the user has blocked the ability to download their videos.

In this case, you should use alternative methods to download the submitted dub; Like utilities that have the ability to download TikTok videos.

Normally, without manipulating the video download settings, the method of downloading other people’s videos is simple and as follows:

1. First you have to open the video you want to download in the program.

2. Select the “Flash” icon to the right of the video screen.

3. From the various options, select Save video.

By doing this, you can easily download and save the video you want in your mobile gallery. It should also be noted that if you do not find the option “Save Video” among the available options, you need to know that; Your desired user has closed the possibility of downloading their dubs, and to receive that video, you must use TikTok video download program.

Save your desired videos as GIFs:

One of the most interesting and attractive tricks of the TikTok app is to convert short videos to gif files, which is a very useful feature for users.

Of course, you know that GIF files are actually files that act like movies, except that they are silent and have a very small volume compared to the original video. In fact, everything is summarized in the moving image, which means you can only see the movements and no sound is emitted from that video.

The use of gif files has become very popular these days in social networks and other messaging applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

The TikTok app lets you save any video you want as a gif file in your phone’s gallery and even share it in other apps.

By converting your videos or those of other users to silent gifs, you can save and use them in the gifs of other applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

You do not have to work hard to do this, like the rest of the ticking capabilities, and it is enough to simply do the following:

1. First, enter the TikTok app and then open the video you want to convert to a gif file.

2. Select the arrow icon on the left side of the video screen to display several options.

3. From the options mentioned, one of them is Save As GIF, select it.

The selected video as GIF is easily saved in your phone gallery. You can easily send this GIF file to other social networks such as Twitter or messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Likee, Instagram, and so on.

Unfortunately, one thing you should be aware of, and you may not find interesting, is these gif files. At the bottom right of the GIF file, the watermark or in other words the same logo of the TikTok program is displayed. This logo cannot be removed and will remain on your gif file.

Archive your favorite video:

The TikTok app allows its users to create an archive of their favorite dubs, and they can browse and watch the movie again whenever they want, or even download them.

But how do you add a video to your list of favorite videos?

To add a video to the archive of your favorite videos, you need to do a very simple action.

When you watch a short video on TikTok, all you have to do is place your finger in the middle of the screen and hold for a few seconds until a very small screen with three options inside is shown to you. Then, from the available options, select the option to add to your favorites.

This way, the movie will be added to your favorite video archive. Initially, this act of archiving video in the TikTok app was considered as a copy of the Instagram application.

But it should be noted that this feature in the TikTok app is not just for movies or posts, and you can save your favorite music and hashtags in an archive, which is not the case in any other virtual program.

Block your video downloads:

It was mentioned above that if you want to download a video in the TikTok app, the user may have blocked the ability to download their videos, you can do the same.

You can disable downloading of videos that you have shared with others with just one TikTok app, and other users will not be able to save your video directly.

This way, no user can download and save your videos using the video-sharing button and then pressing the Save video option.

Of course, as we said in the previous section, there are still ways to download your videos, but at least you can block the simple download method, and by doing so, most users may refuse to download your video.

You do not need to work hard at all to do this, using the TikTok capabilities is very simple and easy, and with just one simple task as follows, you can block your video download via TikTok :

1. First, run the TikTok app on your mobile and select the “Me” option in the bottom bar.

2. Select the “Three Dots” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. From the available videos, select the Privacy and Security option, selecting this option will take you to a new page.

4. On the new page, from the available options, tap the Allow download option and enter that section.

5. Finally, select the OFF option for this section.

With this method, users of the program can no longer easily download your video clips, and to do this, they must resort to other methods that are not available in the TikTok app itself (using video download utilities).

Do not show a specific user’s movie or music:

There is a section in the TikTok program called Trend, in which the section displays videos that are growing on the social network to users according to their tastes and the user’s favorite topic. This is the favorite part of most users in this network

However, some videos of a particular user that are always displayed in your suggested video list may not be interesting to you, and you may not want to see that user’s video in your suggested video list.

Fortunately, in this program, it is possible to prevent the video suggestions of a specific user in the program and do something so that other videos of that user are not offered to you and get rid of those videos.

You can also react to some of the music included in these movies that you do not like.

There are very similar conditions for music, as usual, you can avoid showing short films that use certain music that you do not like.

But the question is, how can we do that? How can we manipulate the suggested videos?

To do this, you just run one of the user videos that you do not want to see other dubs and you do not want to be shown to you in the application.

Then, after opening a video of that user, you need to put your finger on the video and hold for a few moments until a small screen with three icons on it appears on the screen of your phone and right in the middle of the video.

One of these options is related to archiving posts, and in this case, you can choose two new options. The function of each of these two options is as follows:

[Hide videos from this user]: By selecting this option, you will no longer be shown a video of this user as a suggestion in the Trend section, and you can get rid of these videos. And continue your activity in this network with peace of mind. ]

Hide videos with this sound: Selecting this option means that you will no longer be shown videos with music and sound that you do not find pleasant or even annoying. Come on, and you will no longer be able to use that music. ]

Ability to upload multiple videos at once:

Another interesting feature of the TikTok app, which is one of the TikTok tricks, is that the user can select multiple videos at the same time and upload them to the app, which is very easy to do.

4. Now select Multiple from the bottom left corner of the screen to enable multiple options for selecting videos.

5. In this step, you can select the videos you want to publish (post) in your account.

6. Then select the Next option and follow the previous steps to send the post.

You can easily send multiple videos to your TickTalk account at the same time and share them with your friends all over the world.

Create a live wallpaper using TikTok videos:

Are you sure you know about live wallpapers?

Have you ever encountered such a case?

Live wallpaper, also known as animated wallpaper or live wallpaper, is a type of wallpaper for the phone that is animated and the symbols inside it are shaken, as well as effects and animations. The ones that it has are only for these wallpapers.

One of the most interesting and attractive features available in TikTok is the ability to convert dubs to live wallpaper.

This means that you can easily and with a very simple process, select the short videos you want and have a special scene in the background of your phone. Use them as animated wallpapers on your mobile.

Fortunately, this will be possible on both iPhones and Android phones, but it should be noted that the method of operation is different from iOS and Android operating systems.

To create a live wallpaper of your short tick clips in the Android operating system version of this program, just follow the steps below carefully:

1. First, open the Tik Tok app on your mobile and run the video that you want to save part of as a live wallpaper in the app.

2. Select the icon that appears at the top left of the image (the arrow to share) to display multiple options.

3. From the available options, tap “Live Photo”.

4. Select the Set as wallpaper option in the upper right corner of your screen so you can set it as wallpaper.

5. At this time, options will be displayed for you to select that background image for the phone parts.

Options: Home screen or Home Screen and Lock Screen Set as wallpaper option, you need to select one of them.

Please note that by selecting the home screen, the live wallpaper is only attached to the home screen and will not be displayed on your lock screen. By selecting the main screen and the lock screen, which is the same option (Home Screen and Lock Screen), the live wallpaper you created will appear on both.

This feature is one of the most interesting application tricks of the program, which many users, especially users of the Android operating system are not aware of, and no doubt if they are familiar with it, they will love TikTok more than before.

Dedicated barcode with your TikTok profile:

An interesting feature for finding and tracking other users’ profiles other than how to search for their account name in the TikTok program is the use of barcodes.

This feature comes with a special barcode for each user. This means that each user who creates an account for himself in the TikTok app will be assigned a dedicated barcode. Other users of this program with that barcode can easily log in to a person’s profile and search for his posts and follow that user if he wishes.

But how can we find and share our own Profile barcode?

It is very simple enough to do this:

1. First, open the TikTok app on your mobile and then log in to your profile user page.

2. Select the icon at the bottom of the page and enter that section.

3. Then select the icon that appears at the top left of the screen.

4. In this section you will see that a dedicated profile barcode appears specifically for you.

You do not need to go through a difficult process to save this barcode, you can easily save the barcode as a photo or take a screenshot of it and send a TikTok to your other users or friends.

Other TikTok users can simply log in to your page in this app using this barcode to view your posts and follow your page.

But the question is how to scan other users’ profile barcodes? Or how can others use your own barcode to get to your page?

You do not have to work hard to do this and we will tell you how to scan the barcode of your Tik Tok app friends:

1. First, open the TikTok app as before and log in to your user page.

2. Tap the “Dummy” icon at the bottom of the screen and go to a new section.

3. Select the barcode icon located in the upper right corner of the application screen.

4. Select the Scan option at the bottom of the screen, this will open your phone camera.

5. Place the camera in front of the Profile barcode of the person you want in the ticking app that you want to find.

In a few moments, the barcode is identified and redirects your application to the profile of the selected user. You can now follow his page or watch videos on his user page.

This method of finding user profiles is one of the most interesting tricks of the TikTok app. To find other users’ profiles by scanning the barcode, you can enter the search section, then select the square icon and scan the barcode to activate your phone’s camera and be ready to scan.

As you can see, you do not have to work hard and you can easily collect followers for yourself this way.

You can embed the personal barcode image of your user page on pages you have on other networks and allow others to search and follow your user page on TikTok.

Access and manage your favorite video:

As mentioned in the sections above; TikTok users have the ability to mark certain movies as their favorite movies and place them in a special category as archives and archives.

So, whenever you want, you can re-open the archive of your favorite videos and view them, or manage the dubs in it, add a video to it, or delete some old videos from your archive.

To do this you need to do the following:

Log in to the TikTok program and select the “Puppet with a plus sign” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Now tap the icon shown in the image above and to the left. You will see a list of your favorite movies appear.

You can now easily select and manage any movie you want. Remember that in addition to your favorite movie list, you will also see a list of your favorite music, hashtags, and effects, and you can manage them as well.

Therefore, the possibility of editing and managing the list of videos, hashtags, music, and favorite effects of the user is another interesting trick of the Tik Tok app that has become very popular among the users of this network. No other program has ever experienced such a feature.

Internet usage control in TikTok :

Another trick of the program is that you must know whether as a popular ticker or someone who works only for entertainment in this program; That is, you can activate a special feature in the settings menu of this application that allows you to reduce the consumption of Internet packages in the program.

You must know that this program because it is a video-oriented application, consumes a lot of Internet volume, and is considered as one of the most consumed programs.

This option is available as data saving in the application settings menu and its activation. By activating this section, some special measures will be implemented in the program and it will prevent additional videos from being loaded, which will reduce the consumption of internet packages for you.

To enable this option, follow these steps in order to save your Internet usage:

1. First, go to the Settings section of the Tic Tac app. To access the settings section, go to your account section, which is indicated by the Me icon at the bottom right of the page, and then tap the three dots at the top of the page.

2. Among the available options, tap Data Saver and enable it.

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Since Tic Tac Toe is a dubbing program, it will definitely increase your internet usage and your internet volume may run out very soon, so be sure to enable this option to save on your internet costs.

Are the tick tricks mentioned above working for iOS as well?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, we will tell you! Yes, the tricks that we have taught you professionally in this content work for both Android and iOS operating systems and are executable, and do not worry at all, if you are an iPhone user, you can also use this content.

How to download TikTok videos without a watermark?

Have you ever wanted to download and save a video from the Tik Tok app, after saving it, you realize that the TikTok icon is engraved at the bottom of the page, and you want to delete this icon, but you can not?

Imagine you want to download a favorite movie on TikTok but you do not want to see the TikTok logo on that video.

Using the trick we teach you, you can easily download TikTok dubs without the TikTok logo or watermark and use them on other networks or wherever you want.

How do we do this? Do not worry, you do not need to work hard at all.

You must first copy the video link you want to download to your keyboard.

Then open the websites that exist in Google and remove video watermarks for you at no cost in a browser and place the video link in them.

To find these websites, all you have to do is do a little Google search and access the links to these websites.

Now tap the video download button and have your favorite short movie without any watermark.

Try new features sooner:

Are you a TikTok app user? Have you ever heard of the beta tic tac tester?

If you would like to see and try out new features in the TikTok app before others see and experience them, you can become a TikTok beta tester.

If you use the Android operating system, this is very simple for you. Just go to the TikTok app page in the Play Store, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Join the beta”.

Congratulations, from now on you will notice the new features of the TikTok app sooner than other users of this app.

But if you have an iPhone running iOS, the process is a bit more complicated for you, open the TikTok app and click on the “Me” icon on the navigation bar that shows your user page. Tap, then tap the menu icon at the top right. Scroll down and click on “Join TikTok Testers” among all the available options

In this part of the program, you will be asked to install the Apple TestFlight program. You can install the beta version on your mobile phone by clicking on “Start Testing” to be faster in this program than the others. TikTok app users learn about Tik Tok’s new features, and you can try them out and make videos, and even share your videos with others

As you can see, we have explained to you the very attractive and efficient tricks that a TikToker should know and we have provided you with their training.

Note that if you are a famous and popular ticker, these tricks will be very convenient and usable for you.

By studying and doing these tricks, none of which are difficult and easy to do, you will achieve great results.

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