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The difference between Tik Tok and Instagram

TikTok vs Instagram

TikTok vs Instagram- Constantly and daily new social networks appear in the internet market and try to become known. But the question is whether these networks, which revolve around being socially oriented, have a chance to succeed and be seen in the face of tough and popular competitors.

Now here we want to highlight the differences; An application that has been offered to cyberspace users in different countries for a short time and has attracted nearly one billion viewers to date, and let’s talk about the social network Instagram, which is older than TikTok.

The Instagram app is one of the apps that has grown rapidly and progressed in a short period of time since its production and release, and has been able to gain a lot of popularity in a short period of time, and has also been able to attract more audiences than Twitter.

After the popularity of Instagram and the reign of this application among all virtual applications for many years, a newer software called TikTok entered the market, which ruined all the predictions and ideas of Instagram about its success and future.

This application, which is rapidly finding a way to reach a stable position in users’ smart devices, has been downloaded one billion times to date.

With the TikTok app becoming a popular app among users around the world, many users and critics of virtual networks have been comparing the TikTok app and the Instagram app; To see which of these programs is more interesting and engaging for spending time and entertainment.

To better understand  TikTok vs Instagram, we must first know these two programs well and separately.

Instagram :

Instagram or Instagram (Instagram) is a social network created to share photos and videos and interact with friends. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were the founders of the program in 2010. But now, with the purchase of shares of this program from its creators, the Facebook company is in charge of directing and managing it.

Instagram software allows its users to share their photos and videos on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr through in-app steps.

Users of this popular social network can also use digital filters for the images they publish in this program.

The limit for sharing a video on Instagram was 30 seconds at the start of the release. In updates and upgrades, after a few years, users could publish up to 60-second videos. This feature has continued to this day.

But later, with numerous and more advanced updates, the ability to publish posts as IGTV was added to this network, in which users can share longer videos without a time limit on their page.

Instagram is proprietary software that is available for Android and iOS operating systems as well as Microsoft Windows.

Instagram application has many capabilities. In this program, you can upload 15-second video stories in the form of one-minute posts as well as in the very attractive part of the story. It also uploads videos with more time and format using the IGTV feature.

It is also possible to upload photos or videos as albums in this program, which means you can share 10 photos or videos as an album post.

Common terms on Instagram:








K in follower and follower










The most interesting on Instagram: The most wanted man on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo, a well-known athlete and footballer, and also the most popular and sought after woman is Ariana Grande, a good-sounding and young singer.

The Instagram egg has also received the most likes on this social network. The story was that an anonymous page posted a photo of an egg in an interesting way to launch a challenge on Instagram. He then asked users to help him record the most Instagram likes by liking and publishing this photo.

The other people who have the most followers on Instagram after the first ones are: Selena Gomez, Dwayne Johnson, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Lionel Messi, and Beyonce.

In 2010, the app, which was the most popular in the world, became the fourth most popular mobile application, and this popularity continued for many years to come.

TikTok :

Now we come to a program that has been very well received and praised by users since its release and has broken the download record in a very short time.

TikTok app is a program launched from the world’s most populous country, China. This popular program has little to do with its dubbing and entertainment programs, and the program can be explained as follows: An advanced platform for sharing short videos (3 to 60 seconds) that has a global reach.

In June 2018, TikTok announced that it had reached 500 million monthly active users in 150 different countries.

Today, the TikTok app, which has reached one billion and is expected to reach higher records, is the first app after Wechat to reach a record-breaking time in a short period of time.

TikTok app is an app for all ages, and you can easily find videos related to your favorite topics in this app. Even create and share videos with topics that interest you and other users.

According to statistics, most of the users of the TikTok app are young adults and teenagers who take a video of themselves dancing to a famous song and share those videos. It should also be noted that 8.2 million TikTok users are girls and 6.1 million of them are boys.

TikTok app videos can be recorded with various effects, filters, and stickers in 3 to 60 seconds. At the end of each video, we can use appropriate and related captions and hashtags and then upload the video.

It should be noted that this program is only for uploading video and uploading photos in this program is not designed and is not possible.

In September 2018, Sensor Tower announced that TikTok had surpassed competitors such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in terms of monthly installations, reaching a record that they had set. Have not found it. This program has been downloaded 660 million times by the end of 2018, which is an amazing statistic for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and they are trying to compete with this program.

Terms widely used in the TikTok app:







K in follower and follower






As you can see, there are differences and similarities in these two social networks that we want to address these common points between the two applications.

Post: Videos and photos that are posted on Instagram in the form of posts, but it should be noted that this is TikTok vs Instagram, where you can not share a photo in TikTok and only has the ability to share short videos.

Like: Like in both applications means liking and on Instagram, you can also like the photos.

Comment: Commenting in both programs means exchanging views for the published post. You can share your criticism or suggestion with the page owner by leaving a comment below the post you want.

Follow: Following in cyberspace means following a page, it allows you to; You can follow all his posts and stories on Instagram by following a page and watch his videos in the TikTok app.

It should also be noted that if the page you want is locked, you can follow him to give him a request to follow, and after he accepts your request, you can follow him.

Follower: refers to people and accounts that follow your page and are your fans.

Following: These are the pages that you follow and you always see their video or posts and stories.

k Ka: Disconnect If you have been running in one of these two applications, you have seen that some pages have a symbol called K next to the number of followers they have.

When the number of followers of a page exceeds 10,000 people; Virtual networks of Instagram and TikTok use the word ka instead of zeros thousand along with the fixed number of followers of a page for easier reading and beauty of a user page.

For example, a page that has 200,000 followers in the follower’s section of the number that is engraved is as follows: (200k)

Explorer: Explorer is the browser section of the program that you can visit to view popular posts and enjoy them.

You will also be asked about your interests when you install the TikTok app, and it will show you more of your favorite videos in your account than you like.

In addition to being popular and popular, Instagram also has another thing to offer in your Explorer post. It will show you more posts in the Explorer section than your search for a title and topic.

Notification: When you upload a post or leave a story, every notification, comment, and the comment you receive will be sent a notification to inform you.

You can place a notification or notification on your favorite page so that it notifies you when it shares a post and you can view it quickly.

Caption: The caption of a post, or in other words, the same text that you write at the end of a post that is ready to be published. The caption of a post can be any text and does not include special rules, but in order to make a post beautiful and attractive, you can use beautiful poems and texts in the caption of a post.

Also, using waves in the caption section is a practical task that can be very attractive to users.

The only limitation for the caption is the 100 character limit, which means that users can not write more than 100 characters (words) for the caption of their video at the end of their posts. This is TikTok vs Instagram, which is very visible to users.

Hashtag: Posting hashtags are very useful and necessary because it makes you better seen in programs. This is how you start #hashtagging at the end of the caption and the text you write for your post.

During the hashtag process at the end of the posts, there are rules that are better to follow to make the posts look better:

To make a hashtag useful, you must use keywords and words that are directly related to the subject of your video as a hashtag. However, you may have noticed that some users also use irrelevant hashtags to make themselves more visible in cyberspace.

You know that hashtags are for the rest of the users who are on that social network and when they are looking for a specific post; And when they search for them, they can use #hashtags in the search field.

When you use relevant hashtags for your posts, the user can easily access the post without being misled.

For example, you upload a dance-themed video to Instagram or TikTok app. And the appropriate hashtags for that video you can #dance #song and the name of the music used in the video or if you are a popular person you can hashtag your name and ID.

Note that no one uses the hashtag #smalling or #mathematics for the dance and song video, because it is quite clear that this caption has nothing to do with your post, and by doing so, only other users will be misled and the beauty of their caption text will be lost. You will win.

But as mentioned, some users may use irrelevant captions at the end of their post. But irrelevant captions are often words that are very popular for a long time and are constantly searched. It is true that this is not attractive, but in some cases, it can be useful.

Imagine that you have recorded a video in America and you want to share it, and at the same time something happened in America that many posts have been published with this hashtag.

You can also use the hashtag #America to indicate both the location of the video recording and the subject, and if someone searches for this hashtag, your video will be included in that list.

Mention: (mention) This word, which literally means “pointing, mentioning and naming”. In exactly the same sense, if you want to mention someone’s name in an Instagram or TikTok app, you can use this feature.

For example, imagine that you took a photo with your friend and you want to post that photo on your personal Instagram page and mention your friend’s presence in the photo or you want to inform someone about something, This way you can mention him
To mention, just use a “@” sign before the person’s Instagram ID or TikTok and mention him/her

You can use this citation feature in both captions and comments, meaning you can mention captions in the caption of the post you publish or in the comments of your post or other posts.

If you are an Instagram user, you may confuse about tagging and mentioning. There is another option on Instagram called tagging, which you can use to tag someone on your video or photo.

Tagging is where the name of the person whose name you mentioned using an @ before the ID is engraved on your post or story. And other users who view your post or story can enter the person’s profile page by tapping on the name and can even follow that person if they wish.

About the photos that are posted, there is a feature that you can tag up to 20 people of your choice wherever you want.

But this is not the case in the video and the program itself shows the mentioned people at the bottom and left of the ID page, in this section you can also tag 20 people.

This is a little different for a story. In the story, you can choose the ID of the person you want anywhere on the story page with any tag or font you want; Put and even in the story you can tag a person’s ID several times.

But you should note that this feature is only available for Instagram and you can only mention people in comments or captions in the TikTok app.

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