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Tweets with IFTTT

Tweets with IFTTT

Tweets with IFTTT – IFTTT Robot Sends Twitter Tweet to Telegram (Twitter with IFTTT): After launching Twitter site in 2006, by three people named “Beyond Stone”, “Jack Dorsey”, “Ivan Williams” “There was a term, Twitter.

On Twitter you just have to answer the question “What are you doing now?” That was very welcomed.

Every post you post on Twitter is called a Tweet. Twitter has the ability to follow or the ability to follow. And in case of someone phishing you can see their tweets in your account.

And the IFTTT robot. This robot is a smart robot. Create a conditional and automatic state between other applications and the telegram application; this service is used. For example, when a tweet is posted on the Twitter network, this tweet will also be sent to your telegram.

Follow us on Twitter by sending us a tweet from Twitter.

How to Tweet from the Twitter Network to the Telegram (Tweets with IFTTT):

The most important thing to do is go to the IFTTT site and create an IFTTT account.

Run the Telegram app now. Now send a message to one of your audience (or yourself), with the text of this message @IFTTT. Then your message is blue and activated. Tap on it to navigate to the IFTTT robot dialog page.

The robot dialog screen will open. Tap the Start button at the bottom of the screen. The IFTTT bot will send you a message with the following link:

https: //

Now tap on that link. As you can see, you are redirected to the IFTTT site, which will open a window for you.

In this window, you will see a list of applets that are specific to the telegram.

Tap on one of the applets. You will now be prompted for the username and password you first used when creating your account.

Now tap on the EK option. Now you’re in the telegram environment and tap on the starter again. Then tap on the Authorize IFTTT option to get permission to communicate between the telegram and other applications. Tap the Open option. Once your access has been granted, see the link you went to again:

https: //

Select the Twitter applet from the other applets. You now have to tap Turn on the bottom of the screen to enable your telegram account to access your tweets. Tap the Save option to activate your applet.

From now on, as soon as a tweet is posted on Twitter, this tweet will also be sent to your telegram.

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