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Twitter advertising

Twitter advertising

Twitter advertising is one of the most important actions of Twitter, which has increased its return for its users by providing it in the users’ bin.

Of course, it should be noted that one of the main reasons for presenting it and making it available to users to earn revenue from it, in fact, it can be said that these ads on the social network Twitter is the main source of revenue for Twitter. Through which he has reached very high incomes.

One of the reasons why so many people on Twitter create ads is that on Twitter, despite the huge number of tweets offered by different users around the world, it is possible that people’s tweets to Do not be seen and not seen by many people.

Therefore, considering this issue, people can use methods on Twitter as well as using tricks and actions to do things that will increase their followers and also increase their sales.

So to create ads and use them, which is very important, I will first introduce the types of ads that all users can use on Twitter. Of course, before presenting the above content, we have discussed the benefits of using advertisements on Twitter, and by studying them and being aware of their effectiveness, you will become familiar with its various methods.

The Benefits of Advertising on Twitter

Using ads, not only on Twitter but on all social networks, has very beneficial effects for people, which can be used to carpet products and also introduce their products with a faster process.

One of the most important attractions of using ads on Twitter can be that people only pay for ads on Twitter when they have achieved their effectiveness, in other words, other people advertise for various reasons.

This includes increasing the number of visits to their site, and in fact when they reach it, and this increase in site visits or any other advertisement that is based on the intended purpose is realized, then the cost can be paid.

Therefore, according to these interpretations, it can be said that the cost of advertising on Twitter is initially free, and people can use it to pay the costs of advertising if they have reached their desired goal of advertising.

Another feature and advantage that Twitter has over other social networks, which makes it more effective for people in advertising, is a better and higher click-through rate, or ctr, which in comparison With other software and other social networks.

Research has shown that it will increase the click-through rate for advertising posts in the future, and one of the main reasons for the effectiveness of advertising on Twitter is that more people are more effective. Advertisements on Twitter are not aware of.

Another advantage of using Twitter ads is its very fast effectiveness, which can be attributed to the fact that on Twitter, people live in the moment, and this Vijig causes ads to be seen very quickly among people.

One of the cases that used trendy ads on Twitter and benefited from many benefits as well as a lot of money is Coca-Cola Company, which used this advertising method to cause its ads to be seen 86 million times among users, and Also, 6% got involved in it by responding to it or retweeting it or liking it in various other ways.

There are other benefits to Twitter and the use of ads that can be easily achieved by using ads, and in this section, only a few of them were mentioned.

Types of Twitter advertising

On Twitter, people can advertise in many ways, and these different methods have been accepted by Twitter for their users so that people can use them to benefit from the positive results. These Twitter advertising methods include the following:

Use the promotional method of promoted trends or the same Promoted Trend

On the right side of the Twitter page, we see the most popular Twitter titles, which include very popular hashtags along with other titles that have a very long list on the right side of the page, in other words. They are called popular trends and below them, there is a phrase called Promoted which shows the promoted trends.

A distinctive feature of these trends is that although all of these trends have stickers and advertising signs, still have a lot of fans, and of course this trend for users and audiences who plan themselves. And the goal you set will be visible and achievable.

To show the trends that have been promoted, you can view and access them on your home page, called Timeline or Explorer, as Trends for you, and when you tap on it, Click to show you all the results that are related to that trend.

Of course, in a new move, Twitter has introduced software that works like Disney + software, which can be used to advertise in other ways, such as adding videos to it or GIFS, or many other features. He also named the program Promotion Trend Spotlight.

Use the promotional method of Promoted Tweets or Promoted Tweets

This action, which many people do not use in different social networks, is in such a way that in fact, people who are looking to increase followers or introduce their product to a larger number of Twitter users whose account and product are They have not seen his opinion.

In fact, this method can be introduced in such a way that people on the account of other people who have a lot of followers and followers on Twitter and their followers have seen his products and page, so the person in question in return for payment Money wants to introduce the desired product or introduce its account to its followers.

Using this action, a large number of people who are in his field of activity and like his activities, go to his account and praise him, which is called promoted tweets in this way of advertising on Twitter.

Note that such tweets are like regular tweets and are not much different from other tweets, and other people can comment on you and see your comments if they see promoted tweets like other tweets. To.

Therefore, the promoted tweets can be liked or even retweeted or reposted. But the important point to note is that such tweets, although not different from regular tweets, but at the bottom of it are written in the title Promoted, which in any case is a promotional tweet.

Another point that can be mentioned for the tweets that have been promoted is that such tweets are displayed on the timeline page of people, and of course, such tweets can also include video and videos. Dad.

By referring to the timeline page, people can see these promo tweets that are advertisements and in which the video has been used, but of course, the desired video will be played automatically.

And if the desired movie is less than 60 seconds, the movie will be played automatically after it is finished, and this process will continue in the same way, just like the videos published on Instagram.

Use Automated ads or Twitter ads

One of the most convenient and practical methods is to use ads on Twitter, which can be used in such a way that people advertise their profiles and accounts on Twitter, in other words when this method advertises on Twitter. Once you have selected and activated it for your account, after posting your regular tweets, Twitter will automatically advertise your tweets as well as your user profile.

The advantages of using this method can be said that if people who are new to Twitter and have not used many advertising methods and actually have a small team, you are not sure how much they should spend for their advertising, this method is the best practical method for They are.

This method also works in such a way that Twitter takes the first ten tweets of people daily in advertising campaigns with the target community that the person has specified for whom his ad will be displayed. This is done automatically by Twitter.

This type of advertising, which Twitter has always named on the advertising solution, no longer requires people to advertise for their tweets on a daily basis, and Twitter does this completely on its own.

Use the Promoted Accounts advertising method or the promoted user account

This is also like promoting tweets, with the difference that in this method, the individual account of the person was promoted or the same as the advertisement. They advertise.

An important feature of this type of advertising, as in the previous cases, is that Twitter puts your account to advertise for those who have not followed your account, and also to advertise to people who have not followed your account. It shows you that they are interested in your field of activity and business, thus collecting positive and potential followers for people.

The user accounts of the people who have been promoted and advertised can be displayed to all tweet users, and in addition to the person’s username, in addition to being placed on the Promoted label, which means that the user account is promoted, the Follow option is also at the bottom. It is that causes people to follow the account immediately after seeing it if they like it by pressing Follow.

Promoted and promoted user accounts are also displayed in the section titled People Offer to Follow, as well as in the search section.

In this way, using these four methods that were discussed in this section, you can easily use them to create ads for your account and introduce your products, and benefit from their positive performance.

Therefore, by using these methods, you can easily use the positive and very effective results of advertising on Twitter and show a very useful method for introducing your products to other people for your products.

Check the amount spent on Twitter ads

One of the most important questions for people to use advertising is whether advertising on various social networks such as Twitter is expensive or low cost.

In fact, to answer this question can not be answered conclusively, because the ads on Twitter are different for each person according to the conditions for their ads, and you can not directly specify a specific number for it. Defined.

In other words, there are no conditions for choosing expenses, and people choose the same amount of budget and pay for their advertising, in which case they receive the same amount of services, and any person who spends more money on their advertising. It is clear that it receives more effectiveness.

How to create and create an ad on Twitter?

In view of all the above, the most important part for people now is to create and create the ad they want, which must be done in the following way:

1- In the first part, to create an advertisement, any farmer who wants to use the advertisement must create an account in the advertisement section on Twitter, and for that, he must refer to the Twitter advertising site, which includes, and in this section, You must first log in to your account and then select your country in the country cache, and in the next section, you must select the language you want.

After the above, you must click on the Let’s go option, which will take you to another section, which includes Twitter Ads Manager, which means advertising management, in which you can view all ads as well as data analysis. Observed.

2- In the next part, to create your advertisement, after creating your advertising account, you must set a goal for your advertisement, which in fact determines its costs by choosing the purpose of the advertisement. In this section, there are various goals that can be used to determine his purpose.

The goals in this section include Awareness, which is actually the awareness that you determine by selecting it. The purpose of your ads is to inform, and also the other item includes Consideration, which is the attention of people and users, and the other item is Conversion or Is the conversion rate.

3- In the next section, you must specify your advertising group, which means that for your ads, you can set specific categories and groups for each of them.

Usually, people who refer to this section for the first time and use the Twitter advertising system for the first time choose an advertising group because they are not completely familiar with it, but if they use it after a while, they will realize that they have a grouping. And categorization also has advantages.

Of course, in this section, people determine how much they are willing to pay for their ads. To get the best part, you can use the Twitter bidding section, where the best part of Twitter can be used, which has more advertising efficiency. Must be received.

4- In the next section, you should determine the audience for which you want your ad to be sent. In fact, in this section, with the budget you pay, you can get the most return in it, and you can find people who Determine your interest in your field of activity in these goals.

Other purposes in this section include age, location, gender, language, or other items in this section.

5 – The next part is to choose the place of advertising on Twitter, which should be noted on the right side of Twitter is a place to show the ads of people, after selecting it, you can refer to the next step 9, which is the last part of creating ads.

6- This part, which includes the final step, is an overview of the previous steps in creating ads, which can be reviewed to ensure their correctness, and finally, after you are sure, all the steps are correct. You must select the Launch campaign option to run your ad.

According to the features mentioned above, people can easily create their own ads on Twitter with a few simple actions and benefit from the benefits of those ads in making their account effective and also increase the amount. Sell ​​your products.

Due to the fact that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks among users, the results published by this company show that the amount of revenue generated from advertising in this company has been so high that it can be This pointed out how much people use ads on Twitter.

Given that Twitter’s main revenue comes from advertising, it makes daily efforts to find ways to make advertising more effective for its users and encourage people to use it. To continuously advertise.

Of course, our advice for people who work in different areas of business on Twitter is to use advertising on Twitter regularly, because by using it, they can track their position as well as income. Increase its effectiveness to a great extent with extra speed.

Of course, people can also use other ways on Twitter to increase and attract followers and increase sales resulting from it, which along with advertising, the use of these methods is very effective.

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