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Twitter blue tick

Twitter blue tick

Twitter blue tick is one of the most important features in social networks that can be detected to a large extent, its effects can be used, including that people and users follow your Twitter account with more confidence. they do.

Due to the fact that this social network is mostly used in the news domains of people, but it should be noted that there are other people who also use it to introduce their businesses.

The blue tick on Twitter is very important for users because if it is achieved, it is easy to increase the followers of people to a great extent, and other users will follow such people with more confidence.

The blue tick can be introduced as an official confirmation from Twitter by adding its acronym to the usernames of people on Twitter using the actions that people take on Twitter to achieve it. Offers.

If you have noticed that other celebrities on Twitter have this tick next to their username, in fact, one of the main advantages of receiving it is that other users can easily realize that the celebrity’s user page is real and original. And there is no need to look for fake user pages that are also made in the name of celebrities.

Not everyone in the novel of creating an account on Twitter has this type of tick by default, and after the actions, they take on Twitter and using Twitter actions, they can not send this request to receive it from Twitter, and if Twitter confirmation gives them this tick next to their username.

Of course, note that not everyone on Twitter can receive this tick because there are special conditions for receiving it, and if all these conditions are met, the relevant steps can be taken to receive it, and then if Twitter confirmation will receive a blue tick.

Conditions for receiving a blue tick include having a phone number or email that has also been confirmed by Twitter, as well as being known in various fields such as politics, music, acting in many fields. Is another.

How to get a Twitter blue tick

One of the important points to pay attention to before receiving a blue tick on Twitter is to be active and to be noticed by people on Twitter, which can be easily achieved by contacting various publications in order to achieve it. But if you are not in contact with various publications, you have to make a lot of effort to get the attention of people and Twitter users to your account, which can be a daunting task.

So, after having the case of the previous part, easily refer to your user account through the computer, and then select the Edit Profile option in your user profile section, and then in this section, you must enter your full name correctly. Enter it.

Of course, in this section, it is possible that you have already entered your information. Now, by referring to this section, you can make sure that they are correct, and include a photo that shows your face in full and clear view in your profile. put.

In the header section of your account, you should select a suitable image and add it to it, and also in the biography section, you should provide an introduction of yourself and your information, which should be concise but complete and useful, and Thus, you must enter your site address if you have a site for your business in this field, and then enter your date of birth correctly.

Now that you have entered all your information in the correct way in the biography section of your account, you should enter the information correctly after making sure that it has been entered correctly.
Save them by selecting and clicking on the Save Changes option. In the following 9, after saving your information, you should refer to your account profile and by clicking on it, select the Settings option to see the settings provided in this section.

In the settings section, you must first enter your phone number and then take steps to receive confirmation from Twitter. And then enter it, and if you enter it, a six-digit code will be sent to you by Twitter, which must be entered in the relevant field.

Then select OK, which, if entered correctly, will be confirmed by Twitter, and your Twitter account and your phone will confirm it.

And also the other thing that you have to confirm the email address you entered in this section. Of course, it should be said that many people enter their email at the beginning of creating and creating an account, they confirm it, but it can be Confirm again to make sure.

Another thing you need to do in this section is to select the security and privacy option now and then change your Twitter account from private to public in this section.

Of course, this section is useful for other people whose accounts have been public from the beginning, and they can do the next section without doing this and this step.

So far in the process and operation, be careful that you have done all these steps correctly and without any mistakes, now you have to do other steps in this section to confirm and receive the blue tick.

Next, to get that blue, you should refer to the user account for which you want to receive the blue tick, and then you should fill in the form in the part that is placed to fill in the form related to the blue tick.

There are several sections in this form, each of which is very important to Twitter, so you must fill in all the different sections correctly and be careful not to enter incorrect information in this section.

One of the most important parts of the form and should be filled in by all people who want to get a blue tick is to enter at least two websites and their link address in the relevant section of the form.

Note that using the website link in this forum will help you identify and then verify your Twitter account on Twitter and to get a blue tick post, so pay close attention to it.

Another important part that exists in this form and you have to complete it is the part at the end of the form, where you can explain up to 500 characters about yourself and the reasons for receiving a blue tick for Twitter. Note that in this part You should briefly explain the reason for receiving the blue tick for Twitter, despite the limited number of characters.

Finally, you have to select the next option at the end of the video and wait for the confirmation of the novel’s tweet. Of course, note that if for any reason you get confirmation of receiving a blue tick from Twitter and Twitter rejects you The relevant information can be corrected and after 30 days to receive it again.

Other people and Twitter users who are new to using the blue logo next to their profile picture as well as next to their photo will not only not receive a blue tick from Twitter, but it is also possible that their Twitter account will be blocked and reported.

After completing the steps mentioned in this section and sending the form for requesting a blue tick, Twitter will send you its answer via email.

Note that if you received a blue tick from Twitter and then after a while delayed your category or subject matter on Twitter, it is possible that Twitter will take the blue tick from you and to receive it again You have to take the steps again and then Twitter will give it to you if it confirms again.

What can be done to increase the chances of receiving a Twitter blue tick?

In order to increase the probability of receiving a blue tick by using the measures mentioned above, the following methods can be used to increase the chances of receiving a blue tick.

In the biography section of your Twitter account, you can link to other Twitter accounts that have been verified on Twitter and received a tick, and in this section, linking to them will increase your chances of getting a blue tick.

Another thing that increases the likelihood of receiving a blue tick is the use of your honors and actions while using Twitter, for example, people whose followers increase daily and celebrate to a certain extent. As a result of receiving and increasing these followers, they set up that you can also use these celebrations.

One of the most important steps for Twitter is to have an active user account. In fact, when you apply for a blue tick, note that your account has been fully active on Twitter for at least the past two weeks. Otherwise, you will lose the possibility of receiving a blue tick, so be active on Twitter to receive a blue tick constantly.

In the form that you fill in the blue tick request section, up to five links can be placed there, and up to at least two links can be placed, so according to these conditions, placing the link is mandatory, but we recommend you to increase the probability. Receiving a blue tick is to use many and varied links up to five links because it causes your diversity and creativity and increases the probability of receiving a blue tick for you.

In the last part of the form, which asks you to confirm and receive the blue tick, note that in this part, explain the reason for receiving it in simple and clear language, including the various reasons that different people have used in this section. He mentioned that for example, you want others to find your user page easily, or another reason that you want to have a business by using this feature to increase its access and speed up your operations. Of course, there are various other reasons that the right can be included in this section according to its circumstances.

In general, completing the biography of Twitter and entering completely correct and clear information has a great role in increasing your chances of receiving a blue tick, so in the field of entering the location, choose it correctly, or even the photo that is in your profile. Choose a photo in such a way that looking at it will create an account in people that you are doing a very important job.

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