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Twitter group message

Twitter group message

Twitter group message is one of the new features in Twitter that initially, people could not send private messages to each other on Twitter, but gradually this software and social network in a new action made it possible to send messages to audiences and users. It turned out that by using them, people could send messages to each other on Twitter directly without anyone notifying them on Twitter.

But after that, in a newer action, Twitter added another feature that can be used to send group messages to people and other friends, how to use it and all the details of it in the following for You express.

In fact, it should be mentioned that Twitter has recently taken a new look out of the platform with its new features and has taken on a completely new form because Twitter is one of the networks. Social has been completely different, which now works like much other social software and is not much different from them.

Other details about sending a group message on Twitter should be considered and then we will discuss how to use this action and create a group on Twitter. Of course, it should also be said that when Twitter added the ability to send a group message, it also added another feature, which includes sending videos and videos with a limit of 30 seconds, which is also discussed below. Becomes.

Twitter group message details and checks them out

Use this new Twitter feature to send group messages to your users
Individuals can send their messages to the group they have created and their members can be up to 20 people.

One of the main reasons for Twitter to add this feature and new feature to itself is to cover and correct its shortcomings and limitations, which by providing this feature, we can see that Twitter is seriously trying to compensate for these shortcomings. N.

With the addition of sending videos and videos on Twitter, it is another measure that tries to keep its users satisfied compared to Facebook, and people can easily send their messages and videos through it.

By adding special features to its group messages, Twitter has tried to create all the features that are group messaging software for its users so that people can send their group messages in this software. To.

A feature of these new Twitter features is that all of these features are provided for the Twitter mobile application and it is not provided for your site, and people need to use the Twitter software to send video and group messages and create groups. Available in Android and iOS versions can take action.

Another point is that people who are members of groups do not need to be among your followers, and anyone who you do not follow or he does not follow you can also be in the group to be able to message each other in the group sent.

If the group you created on Twitter has less than 20 members, you can add someone else to the group by the person who created the group or any of the members and people in the group. Invite to your group, Of course, only 20 new people can be invited to your group.

When a person is added to the group and the members of the group invite him/her to the group, a notification is sent to him/her stating that the person has been added to the group by the person in question.

Of course, people in the group can leave the group at any time they want and leave it, and of course, another feature of these groups can be said that no one can delete the members of the group and only the person who Created the group can delete other members of the group.

In the group, like other messages that were sent privately with people and include sending pictures, links, tweets, emojis, and stickers, as well as videos, such messages can also be sent in the group. And the only limitation is for the duration of the movies, which can only send movies with a maximum duration of thirty seconds.

Sending a group message is like sending a message to one person and there is no difference for it, but how to create a group is also important that you should be familiar with.

How to create and create a Twitter group message

After Word to your Twitter account in the software, click on the envelope icon and then click on the option to send a new message. Enter send for them, you can select up to twenty people in this section.

Then, after entering the usernames of the people, click on the next option, and like sending a private message to a person, your message will be sent to him and your group has actually been created.

It is also possible to add a new member to the group, you must select your group message and then click on the circle icon at the top right of the page and select the Add people option, and thus members Add new in the group, of course, in this section you can see all the people in the group.

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