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Twitter History

Twitter History

The Twitter History, which has a deep history, mentions the popularity of this social network and its fans, as well as its creator and the purpose of building this social software.

Twitter was first created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey ن as an SMS-based software in which a group of people who are friends informs each other according to the tweets they put in it Were.

After the introduction of this software and its program, its creator named it Darsi, he introduced it to the founders of Twitter, namely Ivan Williams and Boston. In the number of Twitter, it was introduced in other ways and after a while, it took the name of Twitter, which was initially twitter, but to get a better position among people, they also added vowels, which was later renamed Twitter.

What is Twitter?

The word Twitter literally means to collect, and Twitter is actually an online social networking service that can be used to post posts with a text of up to 140 characters. Or read other people’s tweets.

This social network, which is known today as one of the most popular and popular social networks after Facebook, is one of the software that has gained many social functions among people and its site is among the top 10 sites in the world as the most visited Most sites are known.

Twitter’s location can be described as that of San Francisco, which owns other companies, and other companies based in New York City.

It should be noted that the company was initially registered in California, but now the main company is located in San Francisco, and other affiliates are located in different parts of the world and are active.

To create and invent Twitter, the board members of Podcasting Odeo held a one-day meeting, which is referred to as a one-day brainstorming session because, in this meeting, the student plans to connect each person with a small group. Using the SMS platform was followed by major changes that led to Twitter today.

They name the messages that a person puts on Twitter, so the first tweet was sent by Jack Dorsey at 9:10 a.m., and then the company’s route was determined, and in 2007 the Film Festival line-up used a lot of Twitter. It increased so much that more than 60,000 tweets were sent overnight in the continuation of this festival. After that, this excessive growth of Twitter caused its role to be seen much more than before, and the resulting events will be for the team in the future. This company happened and turned it into one of the best software.

Due to the fact that Twitter was initially based on SMS, so it limited its base to 140 characters, and people could not put more than 140 characters in their tweets, and this is a limitation. The standard for SMS was adopted for Twitter. Of course, the reason for this title should be stated in the way that when Twitter was created and created, in those days, mobile operators used SMS and their standard was SMS, but in the end, Over time, Twitter continued to maintain this limitation, leaving it as the basis for its formation and as a tool for its brand.

Finally, in 2017, the Twitter development team decided to increase its limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. Of course, these Twitter items also provoked protests because people and Twitter users had less time to think and talk. So I protested against this increase and doubling it, but in the end, it remained the same.

One of the cool things that happened to Twitter users was that, given Toyota’s rapid popularity among users, they came up with creative ways, one of which was when people At the beginning of using Twitter, they could not send their comments to others, so people who used Twitter used @ before other people’s usernames, and in this way, their comments were sent to the person and in The result became so popular among users that it became one of the main indicators of Twitter.

Another creation that people created on Twitter for retweeting was that at the beginning of using Twitter when there was no retweet option, I put the word RT before my Twitter and put the usernames of the people they wanted. Was used by users, and finally in 2010 Twitter officially announced it as one of its proprietary features.

Interestingly, this happened and the creativity of the people for the hashtag also happened, and in 2007 Twitter exclusively dedicated to the hashtag and finally turned it into one of its features.

According to Jack Darsey’s conversations about choosing the name of Twitter, it is said that the choice of the name of Twitter was completely accidental, and as stated above, it means the chirping of a bird, and in other words, Twitter means a short chain of irrelevant information. That is exactly the purpose of teaching Twitter.

Examine the growth of Twitter trends in Twitter History

One of the strangest things that can be said is that Twitter is growing so fast that in 2007, almost a year after the introduction of Twitter, 400,000 tweets were posted every 15 minutes, and the following year. That is, in 2008 this number reached 100 million, which according to this number, reached within two years after the introduction of Twitter, we can see the importance and position of it among people. Twitter’s progress continues to some extent In 2010, more than 50 million tweets were posted overnight, but this amount changed by the end of 2010 to 65 million tweets per day, and in 2011 this number continued to increase to 140. Millions of posts per day Considering these numbers, you can see how popular this social network is among people.

Finally, in 2012, the number of Twitter users increased to more than 200 million, and the number of balls that were recorded per day on this site had reached more than 200 million tweets. If we want to better understand the number, we must say that this equation is 200 million Writing 10 million pages a book a day.

In 2018, re than 321 million active users per month were estimated for Twitter, and it became one of the main discussions and news centers for informing US policies.

Of course, the point in this section, which was not mentioned in the above cases, is that he started working on Twitter with the goal and slogan, but later he changed his poems with what is happening. In fact, from these two concepts, it can be understood that the basis of Twitter’s work is between events and news, and also considering that the first tweet whose contract on Twitter had a misspelling, and points out that it is basically in this software and There is a possibility of spelling mistakes on this site, and do not take the spelling mistakes that people put in it too hard and ignore them simply.

Twitter Features According to Twitter History

One of the main features of Twitter that has made it popular among other social software is that people can update their tweets via both Twitter and SMS and RSS as well as email or communication applications. Send and other people will receive them.

Another feature of this software that has caused the use of headlines in different countries to be restricted and filtered in some way is that Twitter is a new space for sending a lot of text messages and Toyota that targets It has provided political and internal protests and turmoil in the country, of course, through which it can be used in the right ways.

Another feature that is possible from the use of Twitter for users and individuals is the creation of user accounts and virtual accounts, which can be used to create a topic in the minds of people as a popular audience.

Using tweets and retweets on Twitter, you can convey your messages to many people you are interested in, and you can also follow different people on Twitter and communicate with them as you wish. And stay up to date with what your loved ones are up to.

You can also put information about yourself on Twitter and the feedback you get from people and also get them and have a lot of people as your followers who want me to connect with you. You can chat with other people on Twitter and discuss different things.

In general, one of the main features of Twitter is that it allows its users to post new tweets in a short period of time, as well as read the tweets of others who have posted their latest tweets, and as As mentioned above, the number of characters that can be placed on Twitter is 280 characters.

Another point is that the initial capital for the creation of Twitter was between 1 and 5 million dollars, which increased after the creation of Twitter and its launch, and after people estimated it at about 57 million dollars. The main investors are Spark Capital and Insight Venture Partners, as well as Union Score Ventures.

In general, according to the items that are addressed in the above content, we were informed that Twitter was initially formed in 2006 with the aim of creating a platform for sending balls that were based on SMS, and finally according to The popularity gained among users was added to other characteristics. Currently, Twitter is one of the most visited sites in the world, which has the largest number of users and fans after Facebook. Of course, these features It is possible that in the future they will change and the rankings will change. It is now known as the second most popular software among users.

Of course, there are other features for people on Twitter, such as liking, commenting, following, and increasing followers.

Other features of Twitter include the ability to send photos and audio as well as videos in addition to Toyota, which has also become popular among users and therefore has made Twitter so popular that you can access all of the above at the same time.

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