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Twitter income

Twitter income

Twitter income is one of the most important issues to be aware of, which can be accompanied by the introduction of Twitter at first, so for a brief introduction to this social network, we can say that Twitter in 2006 by three people Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Made by Evan Williams and made available to users.

Twitter initially had restrictions on people’s tweets, but these restrictions still apply, with the only difference being that it has slightly reduced its restrictions, including the number of characters in the tweets. He noted that initially, people could only post tweets with 140 characters, which was later changed to 280 characters.

At the beginning of introducing and building Twitter, like all other software and social networks, other people invested in it by investing financial resources, which according to the statistics published by Twitter, it was initially estimated that A figure of between one and five million dollars was invested in it.

But after a while, according to the published statistics, this investment on it, which was made by financial organizations and financial institutions, as well as industrial and financial organizations, is about $ 57 million, some of which Twitter contributors include Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital, as well as Insight Venture Partners.

But the important part that needs to be addressed in this article is where the main revenue of Twitter comes from, or in other words, how does the revenue that Twitter has reached be obtained?

Where does Twitter income from?

Given that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks among other people around the world, and given that Twitter is also among the top ten most visited sites in the world, it can be said that you should see millions in revenue. It was, so stay tuned for more on how and where the revenue comes from.

Twitter, like many social networks, earns its main income through ads on its network, where virtually everyone can advertise on their account or promote and sell their products. Twitter using Twitter.

For this action, they have to pay a monthly fee to Twitter, and in fact, it can be said that the main source of Twitter is obtained through these advertisements.

Statistics show that the revenue from advertising on Twitter is increasing exponentially, and many people use these Twitter ads, which by paying monthly amounts can see the daily growth of this It was income.

According to statistics released by the company, the revenue from Twitter ads in 2014 was about $ 277 million, all of which was obtained through ads, which Kh.D. also stated that this amount compared to the year Prior to that, there was a growth of about 129 percent, and since then, there has been an explosive growth in advertising revenue in the headlines.

According to the same published statistics, this net income of Twitter is estimated at $ 3.46 billion, which is quite clear and it is clear how much this income has increased from the first days until now.

According to reports, Twitter’s income in 2020 is also stated, but in 2020, the second quarter of the year, its revenue has slightly decreased compared to the first quarter, which is estimated at $ 683.4 million. Which has decreased by 15% compared to the first 9 quarters.

Of course, Twitter has provided various ways for its users to increase the efficiency of advertising, which can be introduced:

In fact, it can be said that one of the main reasons for people to use Twitter ads to increase their followers and account followers is that Twitter has introduced three methods to increase the efficiency of ads in increasing followers.

The first method that Twitter introduces to people is to use trends, which must first be said to introduce and express trends that trends are a very interesting feature of Twitter that when Twitter users Twitter search for a sentence or They make a statement.

There are many results of this search for them, the most important of which is to show how many people follow this phrase and sentence, which is the same feature of Twitter.

Another method that can be used to increase your followers on Twitter is the use of promoted tweets, which is one of the most popular and popular.

To use it, it can be said that it allows all users who use this method to publish their promotional tweets like other regular tweets, and these tweets Put next to regular tweets.

Of course, the main feature of these ads that have made them very popular among users is the Twitter algorithm, which is all the actions and Twitter algorithm in such a way that it shows all the interests of a person and in fact After Twitter ads, the ad tweet shows the person to the people who are interested in it, and this has increased the effectiveness of ads on Twitter.

Another method that can be mentioned is to promote an account, in which in order to use it, you have to receive a sum of money from the requested person and in return, introduce her account as a good account.

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