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Twitter list

Twitter list

Twitter list is one of all the actions and features of Twitter, which is very important for Twitter users because considering that Twitter is a social network in which users are constantly active. And this constant activity of theirs sometimes causes harassment of the audience and other Karbaqrans.

For this reason, by adding the list feature to Twitter, it has created this possibility and conditions for its users, which can be used to better manage your account, and in fact, by using it, you will make changes. That you can view other people’s tweets at any time you want and can not be viewed at other times.

Of course, the point is that this part of Twitter has been mentioned and introduced as one of the most important parts of it, which unfortunately many people are not aware of and do not know how to use it.

It should be said that in using social networks as a resource for people’s business as well as for business marketing, this part is considered one of the most important parts of people’s business, which can be easily used. You can manage your account.

What is a Twitter list and what is it used for on Twitter?

Lists are actually a group of all the people you have followed or followed on Twitter, and thus all their tweets are displayed to you, so it must be said that using the list You can create a specific category of the number of people whose tweets you want to see.

In other words, in the early days of using Twitter, people usually follow any account they like, and for this reason, after a while, they see that the number of their tweets is very high. This feature bothers him, so by referring to the lists section, they will put only certain people who want to see his tweets in their list, and from now on, they will only have access to those tweets.

In fact, by using the list, you can create important tweets that are published from people’s user accounts in the categories of your choice, so that you can view them immediately after visiting Twitter and do not miss them.

Of course, other people can log in to specific lists created by other people’s accounts on Twitter, and everyone on a list can view all the tweets associated with that list.

You should note that lists on Twitter are only used to view tweets and will have no other use for users so people can easily transfer their tweets to the lists or directly When publishing your tweet, publish it in the desired list.

How to create a Twitter list

How to create and create a list in people’s Twitter account is very easy and simple and does not require complex and difficult steps, of course, the important part is choosing a name for the list, which can be further added to it for details. Added.

But to do the steps of creating a list in your Twitter account, follow this method and method. First, log in to your Twitter account, which can be entered both using the Twitter site, and you can use the Twitter software, which Android and iPhone versions are available for everyone to use and log in.

After logging in to the tweet, you should refer to the Twitter lists section, which can be done in two ways. In the first method, by referring to your profile icon on Twitter, to the right of which there is a drop-down menu that can be clicked, and in the menu displayed for people, select the Create list option from all of them.

In the second method, to refer to this section, you can do this by referring to your personal profile page, and then in this section, you must select the Lists option, and in the window displayed in this section, you can also select this option. Select the Create List.

In any case, according to each of the two methods mentioned, you must select the Create list option, after which in the displayed window, you must enter the name of your selection for your list and type it, and then continue. One description can be added to your list.

In the next section, you can add to your created list the possibility and conditions that your desired list can be displayed and accessed only for yourself, or all people can access that list and can view it.

Therefore, to customize your list in this section, you must select the private option, and also to make it public, you must select the public option. Then, after selecting any of the above, the process must be done to save the step in your account, to save it, you must select the Save list option.

In this way, the list you want is easily created and can be easily accessed. Of course, the point that should be mentioned in this section is that you can only use names to choose the name of your list. Their characters are up to 25 characters and the names that are more than this number of characters can not be used for the name of your list.

And another point in this section should be said that for the names that you choose for your list, you can not use a number or number at the beginning of the name and thus select its name.

How to add people to the list created in the headline

An important part that you have to pay for after creating the lists is adding your Twitter people and contacts to the lists, which can be updated at any time, which means that you can constantly add people to your lists. Added or removed a number of them from your list next time.

To add people and their accounts to your list, you must refer to the account of each person, and in the profile section according to their user, you must click on the Gear option in this section to see the options in this View the menu, which is also drop-down, and then select Add from the options.

After selecting the above option, you will see a window that displays all the lists created by you, among which you can enter your desired name in this section. chose.

In order to remove a user from your created list, you can use this method in the part where you select the Add option, you will see that next to it, in the other option, there is a remove option, which by selecting it You will see that all the created lists are displayed as before, and his name can be removed from the lists by unchecking them next to the list names.

The important point that can be mentioned in this section is that to add a person to the lists, it is not necessary that the person in question is one of your followers, and you can add any person who is not even your follower. Add to your list using the method introduced in this section.

Another point is that after the relevant steps to ensure the result of the work that you have added or removed a person to the list, you can be informed in this way, so refer to your profile on Twitter, then click Click one of your favorite lists to which you have added the person or even removed him from this list, and then select the Members option.

Now you will see that the person you added to the list will be displayed in this section, and you will not see the name of the person you removed from the list on the list.

To edit and delete a list, you can also refer to your profile page, and then in the Lists section, and by selecting it, you can see all the lists that you have already created or also the lists in which you are a member. Can be viewed.

Now select your desired list from all the viewed lists, and then to edit it, you can select the Edit option that is displayed after selecting the desired list, and then click on the necessary edits. Ann applied.

Or in this section, you can select the Delete option to delete the desired list. Of course, note that in this section, you can not delete or add a person to your list, just to add and remove people in the lists, by the way, mentioned in the previous section, and in this section, you can add your list to Deleted or edited it completely.

How to sign up and add your username to others’ lists created on Twitter

Many times, people have seen the lists of other audiences and wanted to be included in their lists, so to become a member of these lists, you must refer to the profile of the account of the person who created the list. Then select the Lists option on his page and click on it.

Now in this section, you will see that all the lists of the person you want are marked for you, you can click on it for any of the lists you want to subscribe to, and then select the Subscribe option.

In this way, you can easily add to the lists of all people, and you can even join the lists of people who are not your followers and do the same as described.

How do we know which lists we have been added to?

To find out which lists we are a member of, you can refer to the profile section of your Twitter account and then click on the Members option in this section. It will be displayed for you and according to it, you can find out in which lists your account name is located.

So by using all the things we mentioned in this article, we can understand what a list is on Twitter and how you can add yourself to other people’s lists, or even your own people can easily create lists, and add other users to them.

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