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Twitter mute

Twitter mute

Twitter mute is one of the features of this software that has been presented for a long time and can be used to mute people and their tweets.

In general, some people have a lot of followers who constantly and frequently share a lot of tweets, and this makes them tired and annoys the people who follow them, which is why people And Twitter users are looking for a way to not receive their tweets.

In fact, the people you follow on your Twitter accounts who share a lot of tweets on their accounts, which makes them bored of your Twitter account space, and of course, you can block and Or blocking people from receiving tweets from them.

But the important point here is that people do not want to block or bully other users who follow them because it is possible that the person you are following on Twitter and he If you follow it, the person in question will be informed of your action and he will follow you.

So for people who do not want to lose their followers, there is another way to prevent receiving tweets from their users, which is to mutate the person and his tweets, so to mutate tweets and people can be done through Continued expression is acted upon.

In fact, Mute was created on Twitter by creating an opportunity for user accounts on this social network to determine the content of their accounts.

In fact, in simpler terms, other people who create content on Twitter and constantly share many posts, if their content is not useful, will be mutilated by their users, and using This feature must try to produce the right content so as not to lose their users and followers.

Learn how to Twitter mute

To mute people and their tweets using Twitter software or the Twitter website, this process can be done, so after referring to Twitter and your account in the first part, you must mute the tweet of the person you want. See.

You will now see three horizontal dots at the bottom of the people’s tawit icon, which you have to select and tap to display the resulting window for you, and then in this section, among the available options, you must select Select mute.

In the same way and in the simplest possible way, people’s tweets can be muted. The important point in this section, which should be addressed, is that by doing this and silencing people’s tweets, they will not be informed of your action in any way, and Twitter will not send them any notifications.

When the person whose tweets you have mutated tags or mentions you under posts or other parts, or retweets one of them in front of your tweets, in this case, the announcement of doing this from This person will be sent to you and you will be informed.

Getting people out of mutilation

After Twitter muter and people’s accounts, they can be taken out of this state and so-called animated. The only way to do this is to go back to one of the tweets that the person is going to. Go to the data and select the unmute option by selecting the three dot icon from the options on that page and take the oven out of silent mode.

Mute some of you’s people

Another feature that exists in Twitter and can be used to mute some tweets, which means that you do not want to mute all the tweets of one person or several tasks, in fact, some users do not They are on Twitter that you do not want to mute his tweets but the point is that you do not want to receive some tweets in which certain words that you have specified for yourself and are in / are Kurds.

In fact, you restrict some tweets and do not receive tweets in which there are certain words in any way, and to do this process, you must refer to your account and refer to your Notifications section in the Twitter software and After selecting the settings option, you must select the part that is Muted.

Now on the next page, you have to select the Muted Words option and on the next page, you have to enter the words that you decide to restrict and filter, so that from now on the tweets in which these words are Do not get there.

In this section, you can select the Add option to add other words, and also in this section, you can apply settings for this restriction, such as the time to filter the words or the methods of doing it. Determine.

If you do not use Twitter software, to do this process, you must go to its site and touch your profile after logging in to your account, and then go to the Settings and Privacy section, and in the next section, you must select the Notifications option. Kurds.

Next, in the Notifications and Timeline section, you must select the Mute Specific Words option, and in the next section, you must select the Add option, and then type the words you want in this section.

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