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Twitter poll

Twitter poll

The Twitter poll is one of the relatively new features of Twitter that people and Twitter users welcomed very well by putting this feature on Twitter.

Before putting this feature on people, they had to take other actions such as retweeting or tweeting and asking questions directly, which forced other users to respond, and of course, many people did. They did not answer the question.

So in its new versions, Twitter has added a poll feature so that users can use it to know the answers to a particular topic.

How to use the Twitter poll

This comment on Twitter was initially a question in which there were only two options to answer, but after a while, other features were added to it, including increasing the number of answers to 4 options, and also in Initially, there was a time limit for placing it, and also after the passage of time, the time limit changed, which will be briefly stated below.

The posts in which the poll is placed are displayed on Twitter in such a way that the person tries to put a question in it and in the available options, they also put answers so that other users and people. Mecca sees them respond to these polls by choosing any of the options.

People can choose two options in their polls, or they can choose four options and put one answer in each of these options while other users view these answers. Record the answer by selecting only one of the answers.

But how to use these polls is that in your tweet account you have to click on the option to add a new tweet whose icon is blue and also shown in the image below.

Now, after selecting it in this section, you can create a tweet that this tweet can be a photo, video, or text, but the important point is that we have decided to create a poll tweet, so at the bottom of the page between The displayed icons should select the poll icon which is in the shape of a flag and the option is poll.

After selecting this option, you will see that on the next page, a section is displayed for you, which includes several boxes. In the first section, the ask a question option is written, in which you must enter your question.

In the next boxes, you have to put your answers, in this section, you can put only four answers and it is not possible to put more answers, and finally, at the bottom of the boxes, you will see the poll length option, which Using this section, you can set a timeline for the time of publication of your polls.

By clicking on it, you will be taken to the next page, where you must select the time for publishing your poll, which is a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of one week.

The important point is that by default the time selected in this section is 24 hours, and if you do not select this option, your poll will be placed for 24 hours after the tweet is published.

Finally, after performing the above steps, you can click on the tweet option at the top of the page and publish your poll tweet.

Another important point to note in this section is that in the boxes related to the survey answers, only up to 25 characters can be used each box, and there are no answers with more than this character. Can be placed in this section.

Another point that should be paid much attention to in this section is that if people have made their Twitter accounts private and use these poll tweets, only individuals and users can participate in these polls. Participate who are their followers and other people can not participate in these polls.

So to increase the feedback from the polls, it is better to change your page to the public so that more people participate in your poll and get more answers, which in this way also to the answer. You get closer more accurately.

You can also ask your followers and audience to retweet your poll so that other people who are not your audience and followers can view it and participate in the resulting survey and answers. Get more real through it.

Another important point for many people is that if one person participates in a survey of other audiences, other people will not be informed of this action. In general, it should be said that none of the people can understand who in Polls has participated and poll information is not displayed to other people.

Therefore, by using the steps mentioned in this article, you can easily participate in other people’s polls, and you can also place the poll tweets in the shortest time and republish it by other people. More realistic opinions can be obtained.

Twitter is trying to keep its audience and users satisfied to use their Twitter accounts as well, adding a Twitter poll is one of the most important measures.

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