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Twitter Restrictions

Twitter Restrictions

Twitter Restrictions are one of the measures that in each of the social software using its rules, these restrictions have been placed for users and other people who do not use this software properly.

Due to the popularity of Twitter among people, he has recently taken a step in which he found that the number of active users and accounts on Twitter is much less than the number of accounts in this. The site has been created, so using tricks and actions, Twitter has tried to increase the number of active users by other measures.

One of the measures taken to increase the impact of Twitter on users is to create restrictions on Twitter, which may raise an important question for people, whether there was no restriction on Twitter before?

To answer this question, it must be said that there were definitely some restrictions, but now these restrictions have become more than before, and the accounts and accounts of individuals are monitored more strictly and continuously than other people who cause harassment. Others can be removed from Twitter or restricted from accessing them.

Another reason for the age restrictions on social networks and social software can be said that due to the prosperity of the Internet worldwide and the use of it by all people, these dangers and threats exist. People who have not reached the legal age are engaged in these spaces and suffer the social harms caused by social networks, so they should continue to work with full supervision of this software so that the harms caused to them to people Too much to reduce.

What are Twitter Restrictions?

Social networks have created restrictions for all their users on the number of followers and followers, as well as the placement of tweets and likes. For these restrictions on Twitter, it should be said that previously all individuals and Twitter users could only Follow a thousand people.

And for more than that, their accounts were spammed for a limited time, so Twitter recognized him as a robot and opened his account after that time.

But now it has increased the limit to reduce the number of bots on Twitter, which means that it has reduced the number of followers per person per day from 1,000 to 400 followers, so if the person or user who is on Twitter per night Follow more than 400 people a day. Twitter immediately recognizes and blocks him as a robot, and after a certain period of time, removes the person and the desired user from this block.

The main reason for Twitter’s move can be seen in the fact that in recent years Twitter is much more serious fighting and disabling fake bots and spam accounts, so by increasing these restrictions try to reduce Giving has had these cases.

It should also be noted that since previously people could follow a thousand people on Twitter, using this trick to follow this number of people every day and night quickly after the person in question follows them. The Kurds made an element of all of them and used this feature to increase the number of their followers to a great extent.

But other restrictions that are currently active on Twitter and if you do not comply with them will temporarily lose your account include:

1- All individuals and Twitter users in their accounts can only send 1000 messages per day, and if the amount of messages sent during the day is more than this amount, their account will be blocked.

2- Another restriction that is currently active on Twitter is the change in the email settings entered in Totti’s account that if the person in question changes his email and its settings within more than four hours, he will no longer be able to It will not be possible to change it until the relevant time has elapsed, so it must be said that it can change its email settings on your Twitter account four times in just one hour.

3- Other restrictions that can be stated for Twitter include placing tweets, which should be said that every person and user on Twitter can post up to 2400 tweets every day and night, and more than that is not possible for him.

But the important point in this section is that events are also considered as production, so if a person retweets up to 2400 per day, it is not possible for more than this, because monotheism is also considered as monotheism for the person and Tweet restrictions also apply to retweets.

4 – Another thing that exists in the current Twitter Restrictions is that each Twitter account or any Twitter account can only have five thousand followers, more than this amount is not possible for any Twitter account.

So people, note that if you want to increase the number of your followers and follow people immediately by following them, you should pay attention to the fact that the number of followers per account is only 5000 followers, and if the ceiling of this Refill amount You will no longer be able to follow any accounts.

Therefore, using the explanations given in this article, it is possible to understand what kind of restrictions there are on Twitter that people should be aware of so that they do not have problems by following them, and if they violate any of these rules. Their account is restricted or their access is restricted.

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