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Twitter retweet

Twitter retweet

A Twitter retweet is one of the most important features of Twitter, which can be used to increase your followers to a great extent, and you can also use your effects and permeability on your followers and others.

Many people on Twitter and accounts use methods to attract followers and their effects to promote their products and brands, and retweeting is one of the best practices on Twitter.

Due to the fact that the use of Twitter has become very popular among users and has gained a lot of fans, many people are trying to enjoy the benefits of this social network by competing with other people in this social network.

What is retweet on Twitter and what does it mean?

A retweet can be introduced in such a way that the word “Retweet” means republishing and in fact, on Twitter, it means sending a person’s tweets again. Retweets, also called retweets, can be used to introduce and display tweets or other content generated on the accounts of different people to their followers.

The use of this method can be illustrated with an example in such a way that in your Twitter account you read and view the tweets of others and your follower users, which after seeing these tweets sometimes happens to you that from a tweet You like it.

At the moment, you want to share this tweet in your account as well, so at this moment, this Twitter feature, which is retweeting, is useful for you, and you can use it to share other people’s tweets.

By using this action, which happens with the username and in general, the whole identity of the person, you introduce other people’s tweets to your other audience and display the tweets in your account and page to your following users. You give.

Ways to do Twitter retweet

To use this Twitter feature and do it, you have to do it the way we say, by first referring to the tweet that you like and want to retweet, and then at the bottom of the tweet page, You see the comment of the rotating flash icon, which is the Retweet icon.

If you see numbers next to this icon, it means that this tweet on Twitter has been retweeted by other people so far that you have to click on this icon to retweet it so that the next item can be tweeted. Retweeted the comment in two ways.

The first option is Retweet, which if you select it, this tweet will be retweeted directly in your account and placed on your page, but if you want to act in another way, it includes the second option, which is Retweet with comment. This means that your retweet will be published on your page along with the text, video, or photo.

Finally, by selecting any of these items, in the next step, you will see the Add a comment option, which is to add your comment to the tweet, and you can add your comment by selecting it. In his opinion, he took other measures, such as adding photos or videos from his gallery.

To do this, just click on the gallery icon at the bottom of this page and select the image or video you want in your mobile gallery, then you will see that your video or photo with a large view More is placed at the top of the tweet.

Finally, after creating your desired actions, you can select the blue Retweet option that is placed at the top of the page and retweet the desired tweet and publish it on your page and your other followers. See it.

Tips used in the Twitter retweet section

The first thing that can be done in this section is that your people and followers can also retweet your retweets that have been published on your page and put it on the page. Publish yourself.

Another point that can be addressed in this section is that after retweeting people’s tweets, their usernames will be placed in your tweet along with their other information, and in general, their identities will be retweeted. It can be seen and in the same way, by seeing this retweet information, you can distinguish people from their tweets.

There is another way to recognize retweets, which is that after retweeting other people’s tweets, people say rt next to it, which means that this tweet is a retweet and actually published the content of another person.

Of course, it should be said that this phrase that is placed next to retweets is not one of the rules of Twitter and only users use it to show it as a tweet of others.

Another point of this section is that Twitter has not set a limit for people’s retweets and tweets can be retweeted to any extent, but Twitter only shows retweets of the last 100 items.

Another point is that it is possible to display retweets in people’s software or Windows versions for everyone, and the way they are displayed is the same if a user can not retweet other people’s retweets. Should update his Twitter.

Another point is that you can delete your retweets, to do this, you only need to click on the retweet you sent it before and delete it, thus deleting the desired retweet from your full line page. But this does not mean that the desired tweet will be deleted, so the desired tweet will remain and only your retweet will be deleted.

Another thing that is very important for people in the retweets section is that some Twitter users do not want their tweets to be retweeted by a certain person on Twitter, or other certain people, so you can retweet them through a method. By that person.

How to do this is that you have to go to the person’s Twitter account and then click on the profile of the person in a drop-down menu and select the Turn off Retweet option from the options seen. This way this person can no longer retweet your tweets.

There are many ways to increase retweets that can be used to increase your retweets, some of which are listed below.

Ways to increase the retweeting of your tweets by others

One of the factors that make other people share your tweets as retweets are having more images, which in general, in research, having 4 photos in your tweet increases its retweet.

Research has also shown that using quotes in your tweets makes your tweets more retweeted by 30% more likely.

Another way to increase your retweets is to use hashtags in your tweets. Statistics show that the use of hashtags in tweets has caused up to 55% more than before. Your tweets are retweeted.

It is very convenient to use three hashtags, but keep in mind that if you use a lot of hashtags, it will be difficult for users to read tweets and you will make them reluctant to retweet your tweet.

Another thing that increases your retweets is not using tweets that contain Instagram photos, because if you do this, it will reduce the probability of retweeting your tweet by about 40%.

Also, if you use Facebook photos in your tweets, it will reduce the probability of your tweets being retweeted by about 50%.

If the tweets you post to your account are published using the Twitpic app, the probability of being retweeted to the table increases by 60%, and also if you share your photos from Twitter, the probability of being retweeted doubles.

One of the phrases in tweets that has a 100% effect on the retweeting of tweets is the use of the phrase please retweet, after which you will see that your retweets will increase a lot.

Also, note that the number of words and phrases in your tweets is limited, so you must choose them correctly to select your phrases so that the text of the message you have placed is clear to your users and It also has an effect on them to increase retweets.

Note, however, that using this feature can only limit the number of people to retweet their tweets, and this can not be done for all your followers.

Another point is that next to some tweets there is a lock icon called Lock, which means that it is protected and you can not retweet such tweets.

Finally, people can not retweet their tweets, and only other people can retweet your tweets.

In the same way, by using these measures and many other measures, you can increase your tweet’s retweets to a great extent and achieve their impact on your audience.

Where are retweets placed?

One of the important parts is that in general, the retweets that the person has done and also the retweets of your other audience are displayed in which part, to answer this question, you must first display the retweets of your followers. He said that they can be viewed and viewed on the main page called Tom Line, like other tweets.

The important point of this section is that when you block a person on Twitter and block his account, you will not be able to see that person’s tweets, so you will not be able to see his retweets.

But if you want to see the tweets of the people you have followed, it must be said that your retweets can be seen on the main page as well as in your profile and people can see them.

But to see the retweets that have been done by other people for your tweets, which means that if people retweet your tweets to see it, you have to act in the way that after logging in to your account. Notifications Please find this section in your Twitter settings.

Now, after visiting this section, you will see all the information about your tweets, including the number of retweets, as well as showing who did your retweets.

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