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Twitter Security

Twitter Security

Twitter Security is one of the important features of Twitter, but it should be said that it is reasonable security that everyone should consider for their accounts in all social networks and use it to prevent people from infiltrating their accounts. So, considering this case, we can say that Amini is also very important on Twitter.

Given that Twitter is one of the social networks in which there are some security and many people from all over the world, especially politicians in different countries, use it and send messages through it. They convey themselves to others and information through this.

Considering the colorful role of Twitter among people, it should be said that security is very important in it, and people should take measures that reduce the security of their account and prevent the constant security of their account. To prevent the potential dangers of hackers and abusers infiltrating their accounts.

Of course, considering that Twitter is one of the secure social networks, it also tries to protect the privacy and information of people in its environment, and from any action and action that causes people’s accounts to face risks. Can be prevented.

However, people who use Twitter, by not considering the cases that increase the security of their account, increase the influence of others and other abusers on their accounts. According to these cases, in this section, we have tried to We have provided items that can be used to increase the security of your account.

Ways to increase Twitter Security

There are many ways to increase the security of your account to a great extent, all of which are introduced in this section, but the point that must be addressed before saying these things and all users Twitter should pay attention to this.

Note that the password of the user account is specific to the individual, so the first important step to prevent people from logging in to your account is not to inform this password other people.

And even if the person in question is a friend or family member, it is recommended that you do not tell your password to any of these people and only use it to keep it in your memory.

Of course, another action that is also important is that if you try to log in to your account through different software or different computer systems when delivering the desired system to people, be careful that You are logged out because if you did not log out, these people can easily log in to your account.

But here are some things you can do to increase your Twitter account:

Use a complicated and hard password to make abusive people in your account impenetrable

One of the most important things in maintaining the security of your Twitter account is the use of complex and difficult RAMs, which can be hardened by using a combination of letter numbers, and you can also use a long password. It also made it harder to use a strong password so that people could not easily hack into your account and log in.

Among the passwords that are easily found by hackers and other abusers is the use of special dates or the names of individuals and family members or even the use of animal names. In fact, these passwords that These items are very easy for hackers to use.

Of course, another point that you should pay attention to when choosing your password is to try to choose your own unique and unique password, because when hackers hack one of your existing accounts in other social networks, They can easily use that password to hack your Twitter account if all your passwords are the same.

And of course, if the passwords are not the same, by hacking one of these accounts, they will get all your information, including date of birth, email, and other things, and through this, they can guess your password name, so it is recommended. Choose your own password.

Use the two-step login and get the verification code on Twitter to increase Twitter Security

Using a two-step verification code is the second most important step in enhancing security after choosing a complex password, which is used when people log in to different software and systems. They have their own account.

After entering his hard and complicated password in the next part, he asks them for a verification code that has been sent to his mobile phone by Twitter, and if he enters it, his account can be accessed.

Therefore, this method can be used to restrict the access of profiteers who have obtained your password and can not log in to your account until they enter the verification code sent by Twitter in this section.

To enable this feature on Twitter, you have to do this by clicking on your profile picture after logging in to your account, and then from the menu that is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and various options can be seen in it. Select the Security and Privacy option.

Next, in this section, you must activate the two-step verification code, for which you must select the Login verification option, and as a result, you have activated the two-step verification code, and from now on, enter the account password for each of your logins. Twitter will then send you a new password that must be entered.

Use powerful browsers to log in to your account, including the Chrome browser

To log in to your account, pay attention to what browsers you use because browsers are one of the most important tools for hackers to use to hack people’s information in their Twitter accounts. Therefore, considering these cases, it should be said that you should choose a browser that is impenetrable to log in to your account.

The browser that has been introduced as impenetrable between people and hackers is the Chrome browser, which has not been able to be hacked by any hacker for several years, so using it is the best option for people.

Check the software installed on the mobile phone

Note that most of the software that you install on your mobile phone will ask you to access your Twitter account information during installation.

In fact, it asks you for permission to access the Twitter account, which, if approved, will cause the software to access all the information in your Twitter account and somehow control you.

Therefore, note that when installing software and programs, which of them do you allow access to your Twitter account, and give permission to software that you trust and trust, otherwise no Do not allow access to any software.

Of course, it should be said that there is some software that sells followers from people in exchange for money and use it to increase people’s followers. In this article, we say do not trust any programs and information. Do not provide your account for such programs.

To find out which apps have access to your Twitter account information, you can use the following method and then disconnect it from your account if you wish.

To find out which apps are connected to your Twitter account, go to your Twitter account and then tap on your profile picture and select applications or apps in the settings menu of this section. You can see all the accounts or other software that are connected to your Twitter account, in which you can revoke their access.

Avoid sharing posts where you have added information and location

For people who have a public account on Twitter, their information and all the tweets they share on this page and social network are available to all people and Twitter users and can easily access people’s information. Find.

So to limit people’s access to the information and tweets you share on this page, you can change your Twitter page from public to private so that only users and people who You know and know have access to your information and tweets and through this, profiteers can not misuse your information for their personal purposes.

To privatize your account page, you can refer to your Twitter account, and then by selecting and clicking on your photo image, a menu will be placed in front of you, which can be viewed in this section. Select the Security and Privacy option.

Next, you should refer to the Tweet Privacy section, and then in this section, you should select the Protect my Tweets option, in which case you will increase the security of your account to a great extent, and limited people can access your information.

When you add your location in your tweets, you make it easier for hackers and profiteers to hack your account information, and to limit them, you can also hide the location status on Twitter through these initiatives. Appeared.

To hide the location on Twitter, you need to log in to your account and click on your profile picture, and then by displaying a window in which the birth options are displayed, you can select the setting option.

Next, you must select the privacy & security option, and if you select it, you will be transferred to another page. On this page, refer to the Tweet location section, then in this section, select the “Add a location to my tweets” option. Activate and uncheck it.

Using these measures, you can easily remove your location in the tweets, and you can also remove all the tweets that you have already added by referring to this location.

Beware of receiving emails from Twitter that are actually through phishing attacks

One of the cases that many hackers have become very professional in recent years by abusing them in this field and deceiving many people with this device and misusing their information is using phishing. Are.

In fact, phishing attacks can be introduced in such a way that profiteers and hackers send Twitter emails to people by simulating and creating emails similar to them, or send texts to people in which there is a link. It is placed and they ask the person to click on it, if they click on it, they will hack all the person’s information, so be careful in receiving messages from Twitter.

Use security software and programs that increase the security of your account

Another measure that can be used to increase the security of your account to a great extent is to use security software, because if people are still aware of phishing messages and treat them with caution, However, the existence and use of security software to maintain their security are still necessary, and therefore people are advised to use security software for their account.

There are many security software that can be used to increase the security of your account. Some of this software that can be used and is introduced in this section include Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware.

Use VPN to hide your IP address

Using a VPN creates a lot of positive results for people, the most important of which is that it keeps your information hidden in browsers.

In fact, using a VPN in Word time to your account prevents usurpers and hackers from accessing your information through browsers or any other action, and from phishing attacks as well as theft. Your information will be prevented.

In fact, one of the common methods used by hackers to steal people’s information is when people log in using various software and browsers, which can be prevented by using a VPN. The function of the VPN is to change the IP address of Farbod so that profiteers can not access the information of individuals and Twitter users.

Log out of your Twitter account when leaving Twitter

A very important point that people should pay attention to when logging into their account is that if it is from other systems that are for others and is not actually your personal system and through them to the account You enter yourself.

When you log out of Twitter, you must log out of your account so that after delivering the system to people and their owners, your information is not stored in it, and in fact, after logging out, all your information will be deleted in the system And only when you re-enter them can you access your account.

Of course, another thing to note in this section is that people must also log out of their personal systems because if you give your system to someone else, they can easily log in to your account using your system. Be.

Update all software that is vulnerable

One of the things that people do not take seriously is hacking and abusing people’s information using programs and software that are vulnerable. In fact, over the years there have been many reports that people profit Joe has hacked into people’s information through vulnerable software.

Therefore, due to this, you must constantly update the software that is most likely to be vulnerable so that people can not access your Twitter account information.

In fact, all mobile applications that are installed on your mobile phone and are part of the mobile application itself, some are vulnerable and hackers use them and enter them to obtain people’s information, so When your mobile phone sends an alert to update its software, try to update them to reduce this vulnerability.

So by using all the items that were described to you in this section and we have trained them, you can easily increase the security of your Twitter account against profiteers and hackers. Note that using these items That said, they increase the security of your account to a great extent, and if you use only one of them, you should not expect your information not to be stolen.

Therefore, it should be said that considering all the above-mentioned information, using them at the same time will prevent profiteers from obtaining your information.

Of course, with the development of the Internet around the world and its spread among all people and the extent of its spread, it also causes hackers and corrupt people to take new measures to access other people’s information, considering People should pay close attention to this issue in protecting their personal information so that they do not face any danger.

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