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Twitter sticker

Twitter sticker

Twitter sticker is one of the most attractive features of Twitter, which was added to Twitter in its pictures section to make it more attractive than before.

The addition of Twitter stickers, which are completely free for everyone to access, has made people’s photos and images more attractive, and all Twitter users can use them alongside their images to make them more beautiful. These stickers are not available for mobile software and are not available in web versions.

How to use them Using all the stickers on Twitter is easy and completely easy, and you just need to put them next to the pictures before uploading them. We will explain how to use these stickers in the following.

How to use the Twitter sticker

For tweets in which you use images, you decide to make your image more attractive and you use stickers next to it. You should act in this way by first updating the Omar software on your tribe because In older versions, access to these stickers is not possible and stickers were added in 2017, so you need to update your software, both Android and iOS versions.

Now, after opening the software and logging in to your account, you have to select and publish them like the Toyota you used to select, and now you have to select the tweet you want and select the image until you select an image on your Twitter. You do not see the stickers so you have to take the image from your gallery or the tenth part of a new image and select it.

Next, by selecting the image you want, you will see that the face icon is placed at the top of the page and on the right, which you must click on to display all the stickers on Twitter.

Now you want all Twitter stickers to be displayed in the form of categories for you. These categories include stickers that are more popular than other stickers or stickers that you have used recently and categories Other items include accessories, food animals, and several other categories.

Finally, select your desired sticker from all the observed stickers and you will see that the desired sticker is placed on your image and by changing it, you can change its direction or make the desired sticker smaller. Or zoom in. Also, the site settings and other changes can be applied to the sticker and it can be placed on any part of the page.

The important point in this section is that if you want, you can put several stickers together in your image, and for this, you only need to go through the steps mentioned above several times to get the stickers you want to your page. Add, but note that excessive use of stickers on the page will cause congestion and fidelity, and regularity, and will cause the purpose of your post is not properly conveyed to the reader. The best number for stickers on pages 3 to 4 stickers is.

Another point is that using the photo editor, you can edit your stickers and add them to your page and images after the necessary changes.

Finally, after selecting the stickers you want, select the save option at the bottom of the page and publish it to your Twitter.

In the same way, you saw that you can easily use stickers in your posts and publish them to your other audience and users.

How to remove a Twitter sticker

How to remove stickers is as easy as inserting them, just click on it before releasing your skin and when you have selected the sticker, then drag it to the delete icon and release it to This will remove the sticker you want from your post.

The important thing to note is that people like to see what other Twitter users have used this sticker in their tweets, so to know about this, just click on the photo and then click on the sticker and This will show you all the Toyotas that have used this sticker.

Among the features of Twitter skins, it should be said that these stickers are two-dimensional and also some of them are flat, and this negative feature has made them unpopular among Twitter users, and compared to Facebook, these stickers are more soulless. In the future, Twitter will add more attractive stickers to itself or add the ability of people to create their own stickers to their software.

It is also not possible for people to access stickers using versions of Twitter, and only using its software can these stickers be accessed, so another disadvantage of Twitter in using stickers was the same. Which we mentioned.

According to what was said in this section, you can easily select the desired stickers to your posts and tweets that are in the Twitter stickers section and are also in different categories, and add them to your post and production. And then publish your product The most important reason why people tend to use stickers is to make their tweets more attractive and as a result make their tweets more visible, so using these stickers You can easily increase the visibility of your tweets to a great extent.

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