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Twitter tag

Twitter tag

Twitter tag is one of the important features in social networks and all cyberspace that many users use and this way you can easily find the topic you want.

Given that each of the social networks used among users has its advantages and disadvantages, so Twitter is not out of this category, and one of the advantages of Twitter is its high capacity in sharing information that immediately after happens when you post it on Twitter. In fact, when a person publishes a tweet on their account, it is spread very quickly among Twitter users, which is one of the most important benefits of Twitter.

Of course, it should also be noted that the disadvantages of Twitter can be said that in the beginning, working with Twitter is difficult and difficult for new users, so at first, it may be helpful software, but if it is continuous. Use it, you will see that it is a very useful software for all people who work in social fields.

Due to the popularity of this software among users, it is constantly updating its software and adding new features to it. One of these new features that have been added to this software is the possibility of placing 4 photos as, At the same time, up to 10 people can be tagged in the images.

How to Twitter tag in pictures

One of the most important features that Twitter has recently added to Twitter software for Android and iOS versions is that people can upload up to 4 photos to their Toyota at the same time. Complete 10 people.

How to use it is also very simple and easy, so that when a person selects an image or image from his gallery to upload it, there is an option called who’s in this photo? It is shown that people can single other users in these images.

Therefore, you can easily emphasize other users in your images. Of course, note that single people are not limited to 280 characters and do not reduce the number of characters, so do not worry about the limit of your characters for the desired production.

The important point that should be mentioned in this section is that people can disable the tagging settings in this section by referring to their Twitter account settings section and in the privacy section, so that from now on no Twitter user will be able to do so. Cannot single you out in your tweets.

This feature is more for users who have a lot of followers or celebrities and cities because other users and people who follow them in their tweets try to complete them, so by referring to this section, this feature can be And none of these users will be able to tag people’s usernames and accounts on their Toyota.

Another issue that is shared in this section is finding the main tag. In fact, this means that for many people, it has happened a lot that by visiting and seeing the tags on Twitter, they wanted to see the first person to start this tag, so this feature can be accessed using a new feature added on Twitter, and people can easily see this option next to the tags to find out that This tag was the starting point for this discussion.

Of course, before introducing it, it should be said that at first, this Twitter feature was provided to users on a trial basis to check the results, and after the positive results that this feature left, it was made available to all users in general. And mentions it as a single original, to introduce the best of it is stated below.

Original tag in the Twitter tag

Twitter has recently added a new feature called the original Twitter that users can easily see when they start next to the tags of a starter on Twitter. The feature next to the original tags or in fact the same starter tag is pasted And people can easily see that this tag was the starter.

Other benefits of using this feature in addition to Twitter tags include seeing it next to Twitter tags to see if the account and username of the person who added it is a fake account. Either it is fake or the person’s account is of the main account type, which is also more useful for other celebrities, and by looking at the original along with relying on it, it is easy to understand that the person in question is not a famous person who uses it. And his imitators did not use it, and it can be used to identify people with their true selves.

The purpose of adding this feature and capability to Twitter can be expressed in such a way that its purpose is to provide better services to public conversations and conversations on a wide range of social networks, including Twitter so that people can not confuse the usernames of celebrities. Be aware of them, of course, it should be mentioned that some features may not have this feature and capability.

In the same way, you can easily tag people in images or use the new Twitter feature to find out who was the main tag and the initiator.

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