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Twitter terms

Twitter terms

Twitter terms include other parts of Twitter for people who have created and created an account on Twitter for the first time and want to use it, so to get acquainted with the terms, which are also very numerous, join us at the end of the article. Be.

Before introducing the terms, it should be said that 61% of the tweets on Twitter are in English and most of the Twitter users are from the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, and many other countries.

What do Twitter terms include?

Notification: Notification is the same as Twitter notifications that when someone boosts your Toyota or fuses your shotgun, a notification is sent to you based on the actions of others that many people can suggest in Quit their Twitter strike.

Fio: In fact, Fio on Twitter can be said to be the old name for likes, which at the beginning of Twitter and the creation of those people could have marked Toyota with an asterisk, but after this asterisk changed and changed to the heart symbol or like. The phrase was changed to Like, but some old Twitter users still use Fio instead of Like.

Fiwastar: This can be introduced as tweets being tweeted more than a thousand times on Twitter is called Fiwastar.

Fusion Mention: To introduce this case, it should be said that when a person adds a mention to other people’s tweets and another person feeds this mention, this action is called activating the mention. In fact, this action should be said in such a way that by mentioning this The other person likes it and agrees with it.

Mention: When a person puts another username on their Twitter, this action is called mentioning and these mentions can be seen by all your followers.

Avatar: The avatar is the profile picture of the user account, which is called both the avatar and the photo of the user account. In fact, to be more precise, in older versions, people who created a new Twitter account would put an egg on their profile picture until the person posted a picture of themselves. It did not change, so it is called.

Header: Header is another term that is used on Twitter and the photo that is placed behind the main photo of people in their account is called. Also called photo cover.

Tweeting: Tweeting is actually writing the text that you put on Twitter, and this is a tweet that has a limit for the number of characters and always contains 280 cards. Of course, in the beginning, this limit was 140 characters, now it is 280 cards. Has arrived and everyone can put text next to their pictures and videos using hashtags and more.

Retweet: One of the terms that were initially used on Twitter by its creative people and later added to it as one of the main features of Twitter is called retweet, which means the same as republishing a tweet, and in other words, it can be said that When you tweet and people post your tweet on their account, it is called a retweet.

Active: This term, which is used in almost all social networks, means to deactivate an account.

Timeline: Timeline can be said to be the first page that you encounter after opening Twitter and after logging in to your account. It is said that all people’s tweets can be viewed on this page. Be.

PIN tweet: A tweet that people pin on their front page for their audience to see is called a tweet pin.

Direct: Direct is also a part of the social network where you can send messages privately to your users and audience or receive messages from them without another user being informed of your action.

Limitation: One of the most common terms on Twitter is a limitation. This phrase is used when a user on Twitter tries to follow or tweet, but this phrase is used in this section when this Your actions should be very large and do not follow the Twitter restrictions for them because only 400 people can be followed every day and there are other restrictions for Tokyo, so if you do more than one action during one day The so-called Twitter does not show you because you have been fast enough to follow the tweets or videos or any other action, and Twitter recognizes you as a robot and gives you access for a few minutes to a few hours. Restricts to stop your operation.

Moment: Another feature of Twitter is Moment, which is used when the phrase is decided when a person decides to publish, in this tweet, due to character limitations, he can not put his story in a tweet, so using the Moment Tweet feature. It appears in several publications, which should be said that the appearance of Momen tweets is very different from other and ordinary ones.

Genre: It should be said that when most Twitter users discuss and talk about 1 topic, it is called a genre topic.

Trend: Trend can be introduced in such a way that when a well-known topic is published among people’s tweets, the resulting effect is called a trend.

Block: Each Twitter user blocks another person’s username in their account. کردن.

Unblocking: When you unblock a user you have blocked in your Twitter account, this action is called unblocking. After the person in question has been unblocked and blocked, he can be re-blocked He issued a message and followed him.

Unblock Block: One of the most common Twitter terms is Unblock Block, which you can use to block an individual user account and make a transaction immediately. He said you have made yourself an analog.

Report: When you see a parrot whose text is insulting to a certain group or its tweet is racist or something else, you can report it to Twitter using the report feature. This term is called the reporting function.

Suspension: When a number of Twitter users post an account to Twitter for various reasons such as racism or any other reason that is contrary to the rules of Twitter and report it to Twitter continuously and if this action is approved by individuals Suspends the desired account via Twitter, and in fact, the account is permanently inaccessible. This operation is called a suspension.

Coat: Fertilizing is like retweeting and means republishing the tweet, but the difference with retweeting is that you can add your own comment to it as a child, but the point is that Twitter has recently added the word coit to Twitter. The phrase retweet has changed a bit.

Troll: A troll should be introduced in such a way that other people and users who publish annoying and irrelevant content in cyberspace, the purpose of which is to provoke and react to the audience, and of course another goal that These people are harassing other people by doing and putting this kind of Toyota. It was found that they enjoy this harassment.

Bio: Phrases should be said to be the same biography that people in this section, like other social software such as Instagram and Facebook, share information about themselves to other people, information that usually includes a resume of education experiences or also a place of residence or There are many other cases.

Followback: This term, which is common in Meysam Instagram software, means following a person who also follows your account, and you also follow his account in doing so.

Follow: When a person does not come from your Twitter account and you follow the decision, follow him/her and the name is not better.

Anfaloo: When you follow a person in his account and then decide not to follow him anymore and remove him from your list of followers, this action is called Anfaloo.

Pushing: One of the most common terms on Twitter is pushing, which is actually the act of retweeting, and by using this action and retweeting a tweet in your account, people who follow your website will be aware of the retweet. be.

Ninety: Another common Twitter term is the term that when a person on Twitter asks you for a note, we immediately report such accounts because it means requesting to send a nude photo of the person himself, and by doing so from Your request.

Mute: When you are interested in Fardin’s account and do not want to see his tweets, you show your lack of interest by using Mute and you either do not see his tweets or put them in the last tweets By using this action, you can create a priority in seeing your Toyota. Of course, it should be said that when you can make individual tweets, the person in question will not be informed of your action.

Bookmarks: This feature, which is also present in Internet browsers, is that you create a page of your favorites where you can add tweets that you have already seen and liked. Add this page and just click on this section to see them all without anyone else on Twitter viewing this page.

Hashtags: Hashtags are the words that make more people post on social networks that are used to make the most of people’s posts. Hashtags are used on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks.

Impression: Another Twitter terms, which means the number of times Twitter users have viewed the content of your tweets.

Be notified: When a person’s Twitter account is limited, this action can be done by Twitter for various reasons, and after the return of his account between 48 hours to 72 hours, the person will not retweet any likes and The character that he receives from his followers does not receive a notification and this action is called de-notification.

Therefore, using all the terms mentioned in this article, you can easily get acquainted with all these terms on Twitter and create your new account and use it.

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