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Types of Telegram Channels

Types of Telegram Channels

Types of Telegram Channels – Public and Private Channels in Telegram and Converting Channels to One another: Telegram Messenger Channels are built in two ways:

Private channels mean private, and public channels mean public.

Public channels:

Telegram Channel Types: Anyone can subscribe to public channels if they wish. Because public channels can be easily searched from the Telegram Search menu. Search by typing @ and then the desired channel name.

Another thing to know about these channels is that it does not telegraph the public channel address, but at the time the public channel is built, the channel manufacturer itself determines its name and address.

On public or public channels, the number of channel members is visible to all users.

Private channels:

If you search for private or private channels in your Telegram Search menu, you won’t find anything. Because they are not searchable and not everyone can become a member unless a link invitation is sent from the private channel to allow them to join.

The private channel address is then generated by the telegram itself.

Types of Telegram Channels: The number of private channel members is only visible to the admin and its members cannot view it.

Telegram channels can best inform different fields and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions)

1- How to convert public channel to private channel?

The telegram has the ability to make the public channel private or vice versa if you wish. Sign in to the telegram app for this purpose. Click your public channel. Now tap on the channel name. Now tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select Edit from the drop down menu. Now select the channel type option which means the type of telegram channel. Now you select the private channel option, which means private channel. Your channel switches from public to private.

2- How can I turn a private channel into a public channel?

Repeat all the steps above except from the menu open in the channel type section for the channel type, select the public channel meaning the public channel, and in the bottom link, next to me the name that has never been used. Type. Now tick the top of the screen to save the channel conversion.

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