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Unofficial telegram

Unofficial telegram

Unofficial telegram – Nowadays, with the advent of telegrams and lack of some features, of course, for programmers and app developers, some programmers have attempted to create a custom version of the telegram with proprietary features so that some users of the original version of the telegram program The popular telegrams are wiped from their phones and they install this version of the apps that have become very popular today.

It should be borne in mind that the original telegram itself published the open source code of the telegram messenger application on sites such as the Gate Hub so that developers could supplement it and use its codes.

Frequently Asked Questions:Unofficial telegram

– Is it possible to infiltrate the informal telegram?

We can hardly say no because these programs were a copy of the telegram only with more or less facilities that were not provided.

– Will the program have faster access to the official telegram or will they have less access to the official telegram?

In fact, the speed of access to the official telegram is not much different from that of the unofficial telegram and can be as fast as that, but it should be kept in mind that the official telegram can also be slower because of the added features Or more options, the telegram can be problematic in terms of speed and performance on some cell phones and be less than the speed of the official telegram.

– How to make an unofficial telegram?Unofficial telegram

Undoubtedly, you must first download and source the source code for making such a copy of the telegram (preferably from sites such as the Gate Hub to avoid problems) and note that this requires programming knowledge. And you need to be able to understand the applications of code snippets and methods to make improvements.


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