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Updating Telegram Contacts

Updating Telegram Contacts

Sync Telegram Contacts – Updating Telegram Contacts : We’re at your service with the Telegraph Contacts sync post. As you know, you can only use numbers in your Telegram application and in the Contacts section. You have saved your telegram application, see. Sometimes the numbers of some contacts stored in your phonebook are not in your telegram contacts section.

You may not know the name of the person on the telegram, but you have stored his number in your telegram. If you sync your phone contacts, your problem will be resolved.

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How to Sync Telegram Contacts (Updating Telegram Contacts):

Updating Telegram Contact

Run the telegram program.

Now tap on the three-line icon at the top left corner of the screen.

From the menu that opens, select the “Setting” option.

Now go to the bottom of the window that opens. Here’s a secret menu. At the bottom of the window is the part where the program version name is pale.

Place your finger on the program for a few moments to hear its vibrating sound. You see a smile now.
Release your hand as soon as you see the emoticon, and place your finger again on the application version. You will now see the next menu.

A menu will now open for you with the title “Bug”, which includes the following two options:

“Import Contacts” option and “Reload Contacts” option

Import Connections option:

Use Options To import contacts to your phone, use the “Import Contacts” option.

Ray Load Connect option:

Also, if you want to reload your audience, use the “Reload Contacts” option.

This way you can synchronize your phone numbers with the Telegram app.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team .

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