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View common groups

View common groups – View shared groups between you and other users (View common groups): We mean the shared telegram groups to which you are a member and other telegram contacts in which you are a member. Today at Fast Telegram, we are going to teach your loved ones how to view our shared groups with other members. So join us on a fast telegram.

How to view your shared groups and other users (View shared groups):

Run the Telegram app.

Now tap on the three lines above the top left corner of the telegram’s home screen.

From the menu that opens, select the Contact option. You will now see the list of telegram users you have stored on your phone.

Now tap on the username you want to select. Then log in to your user dialog. Now tap on your contact’s profile name or profile picture at the top of their chat window to go to the next page.

You will then see your contact information on this page. Now select “Group this command” from this page and tap on it. You will now see your groups shared with your audience on this page.

The point here is that if you did not see the “Groupman’s Command” option after logging into the contact information page, it is because you do not have any groups in common with your target audience.

View common groups

Sometimes, if someone you didn’t save their number in your telegram contacts comes into your chat page and communicates with you, it could be that the user has a group with you.

To find out, you can click on the name or profile picture of the user in the same dialog box with the person you want to redirect to their info page.

Now, according to today’s tutorial, if you see the “This group’s group” option on this page, we will conclude that you are a member of the same group.

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