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View of Instagram

View of Instagram

View of Instagram- Instagram intends to remove the number of likes and visitors of videos from the public eye. According to Instagram, this is intended to make the space of this social network healthier so that people pay more attention to the content of photos and videos than the amount of Likes and views of videos.

This Instagram decision will initially be implemented for some users in Canada but may be implemented in the future for all Instagram users to no longer pay attention to the number of likes, but this does not mean that users can not see the number of likes at all.

Each user can still have these statistics in their page settings, just see the number of likes. Each user can still have these statistics in his page settings. Only the number of likes at the bottom of each post is not shown to the audience of that page.

But the reason why the views of posts on your page are reduced could be as follows: One could be changes made to the Instagram algorithm. Two is not displaying your posts to followers (related to the new Instagram algorithm). And thirdly, the lack of attractive posts for users and …

And now what can we do to increase the number of likes and views of the posts again? An introduction to the new Instagram second algorithm is the design of beautiful posts to attract followers and the third is to choose the right timeline for posting.

And the question that is very frequent is why the likes and Instagram view of Instagram go down? This can happen to many and many, which is definitely a big problem for the owners of work pages and pages that earn money through Instagram. You may think that the problem is from Instagram, but this problem is not at all. Instagram is not relevant.

So where does the problem come from? The problem can also be due to your own irregularity. It is possible that your content has a problem and has a hashtag error, or a problem with the caption of your post, or an activity that has a problem.

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