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View Telegram Channel Members

View Telegram Channel Members

View Telegram Channel Members – See the latest deleted and added members to the Telegram Channel: (View Telegram Channel Members) Sometimes you may forget what members to add to your channel, or even members of your channel, because of too many members of the channel or even because of a lot of work. Have left.

Another feature of the telegram application is that you can view the latest members who have been tweaked from the telegram channel or searched for your telegram channel.

You can also view a series of channel information. Such as who are the channel managers, viewing the activities on that channel, seeing new members joining the channel, as well as seeing messages that have been deleted and messages that have been edited. So join us to teach you how to view the latest members of the group.

How to view the latest members that have been added or added: (View members of the Telegram Channel)

Sign in to the Telegram app first. Find and open the channel you want on the home screen. Now, at the top of the channel page, tap on the part where the channel profile name and photo are. Now click on the setting icon that looks like gear. Then tap on the Manage channels section and tap on Recent Actions. In this section you will see the latest people added to or removed from your group.

Activities that include:

All action: All channel activities

New Admin: New Admin

New members: New members

channel info: Channel info

Deleted messages: Deleted messages

Edited messages: Edited messages

Leaveing ​​members: Members who have left the channel.

All Admins: All managers

Here you can activate or uncheck these activities by tapping them to disable them.

You can also filter through the setting option to view the last members that were searched or locked.

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