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What are Reels?

What are Reels?

What are Reels?

What are Reels?- All the time, with the new decisions that were formed about the use of TikTok, as well as the political restrictions that occurred for the attractive and popular TikTok app, a new feature was added to the Instagram application. This feature, according to users and critics, was an imitation of the TikTok app.

In the past, Instagram has had successful copies of many other programs, and one of the most important and attractive of these copies is the story section of this program, which was formed with a copy of Snapchat.

This feature, which allows users on Instagram to create 15-second videos and share them, is part of the story section. This new feature and attractive copy of Instagram is called Reels.

Now the question that has formed in the minds of many users is, is Reels the same story or just a copy of the TikTok program? What exactly is the nature and performance of Reels?

In fact, Reels is an advanced video making tool. This tool has been added as a new and separate mode in the Stories section on Instagram.

In other words, from now on you can create both a story and a reel. You can put one or more video clips in each of the rails, and of course, its duration, like Instagram stories, is limited to 15 seconds.

The prediction made by the developers of Instagram‌ is that most of the reels consist of several video clips because 15 seconds is a relatively short time to present entertaining thoughts and images. As in the story section, if we want to play a video, that video will be edited in the form of a chad story.

In making Reel, a very useful tool has been predicted and designed to synchronize the new clip with the previous one, with the help of which you can paste short clips together in a different way and use this method to make a longer video. This feature does not exist for stories, but the only thing in the story is that you can publish them one after the other.

In the Instagram application for editing stories, there have always been various options to date, and with each update, new features are added to this section. Similarly, it is expected that more advanced tools than story editing will be provided for editing the reels.

Here are some of the features designed for Reels:

Note that you have the ability to put music on the rails, in this section you can change and control the playback speed of video clips.

You also have the ability to use the augmented reality effects that are included in this section to make the videos more attractive.

Now we want to know what are reels?

One of the most important and attractive features of Reels is that a timer and countdown to recording video without touching the phone are also provided in this section. There is no possibility to capture videos, but there is a timer in the TikTok app for video recording so that you no longer need to hold your hand on the video recording icon while recording.

It is possible to add stickers, text, gifs, as well as the possibility of writing with interesting and different fonts in this section, which has a slightly more limited feature for the story.

Do not worry at all, you do not have to work hard, sharing Reel on Instagram is just like sharing other types of content (posts, stories, etc.) and the procedure is very simple and repetitive.

If your profile is Public, you can share the tracks you created in the Explore tab or browser in accordance with Instagram reels so that the public can watch your tracks.

But if you have made your user page private, you can only use the feed section to share the reels. It is possible to share both rails and posts for the reels.

After creating the first Reel on your page, a new Reel tab is automatically added to your profile. In addition, your reels will be displayed on the main page of your profile, just like the other posts and IGTVs you place on your page.

Watching the reels and sharing the reels with others is exactly the same as working with regular posts on Instagram. You can like other users’ reels normally, comment on them and write comments, as well as share them with your friends directly or by mention.

Surely, based on the explanation given, you understand what Reels is?

Please note that Reels is not the same as Instagram stories and there are some differences between them. Despite the similarities between the two, the use and purpose of the two are quite different.

Stories, in fact, and in their essence, are a tool designed to quickly attract the attention of fans and followers, as well as for rapid information. But Reels have the ability to share the video as regular posts and are actually entertaining in nature.

One of the most noticeable differences between Story and Reels is that the story is automatically hidden after 24 hours, but the reels, like the other posts you share, remain on the user profile page.

Is Reels a copy of TikTok?

It should be noted that in the design of the application, and in fact the TikTok social network, the goal from the beginning was to provide a platform for sharing and publishing short videos of 15 to 60 seconds. Overall, this app is built with this in mind.

Instagram Reels is also designed to allow users on the network to share short videos of themselves, and this feature appears to be a copy of the Tik Tok app. However, the appearance of the user interface of the Tik Tok app application is completely different from the part designed for Instagram reels.

According to predictions made by experts and critics, Instagram can add this feature to the program to attract more users to its global network and be more popular and liked by users.

what are reels?

In fact, by doing this, Instagram can make it difficult for Tik Tok and turn TikTok users into Instagram users.

Photo and video editing tools, as well as in-app augmented reality filters and effects, as well as the ability to place stickers and text for videos, are provided in both applications. However, the overall layout and design of the options and how to access them are relatively different.

But if we want to comment in general, the features that are available in TikTok are more and better because these features make up the whole TikTok application, but in Instagram, it is only related to a small part.

What is the difference between Tik Tok and Instagram in the Reels section?

It is worth mentioning that we are talking about the present time. In the future, the video editing features on Instagram may bring significant changes and be more superior to Tik Tok. Because Instagram has always had successful updates since its release.

But in general and for now, the advantage is with the Tik Tok application. If, for example, we want to raise a case; In Tik Tok. You can add the sound change effect to the video you want to publish. There is even the ability for you to make changes to a previously recorded video and add captions to that video as Weiss.

This feature is very popular with users, imagine the features that are only possible using video editing programs, now appeared in the form of in-app capabilities of an application.

Needless to say, Tik Tok even has templates or templates for sharing photos, but it has not been implemented yet. Overall, the Tik Tok Reels section has an older and much more mature design.

One thing that is very important is that Tik Tok and Instagram are trying to call each other to their app with interesting and exciting updates and break each other’s record.

The biggest difference between Tik Tok and Instagram reels is that Tik Tok is a completely independent app for video sharing. While Instagram reels are part of the app and a minor service on Instagram, there is currently no standalone app designed to build and share reels under Instagram.

When you run the TikTok app, a list of video clips will appear on the profile and main page of the app, while on Instagram you will see more posts with photos.

If you follow someone in the video-centric Tik Tok app, you will only see their video clips, while on Instagram, you will see posts and stories.

Although it can not be officially said that Instagram has imitated Snapchat and Tik Tok, in fact, if we are a little more careful, this has happened.

Keep in mind that if there was no app like TikTok and it was not popular, a feature similar to Reels would not be added to apps like Instagram any time soon. It may not even have occurred to them to add such a feature to the program.

In other words, the developers of the Instagram app have come to believe that by adding the ability to share short videos, the development of the Instagram social network can increase the success of the Instagram social network. Especially in situations where it is not possible to use the Tik Tok to share video, that is, due to the restrictions that exist for Tik Tok, Instagram intends to abuse.

And the agents of the Instagram program intend to attract more users and audiences in this way, so that they may get rid of the Tik Tok program, which is involved in political issues these days.

Let’s not forget that the story feature on Instagram is modeled on Snapchat stories and is currently very popular among Instagram users. Reels may also be very popular.

So far, we have noticed that Instagram has copied the ree feature from the Tik Tok app directly and without any explanation or permission. It is expected to bring more significant improvements in future updates.

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