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What is Toolgram?

What is Toolgram?

Working with Telegram Management Tool: What is a Toolgram?

Toolgram is the name of a tool that manages your telegram posts.

You can’t easily manage your telegram posts when you have a lot of work to do, and you have a lot of channels and members on board.

Toolgram will help you a lot.

The telegram tool manages the telegram channel and is very easy to use. Below we will teach you how to work with Toolgram.

How to work with Toolgram: (What is Toolgram?)

Visit first.

Then subscribe to this site. Select the membership option from the menu available on this site.

Enter the name and mailing address and any other information you may need in order to become a member of this site and use the facilities for free.

Enter your email address now to activate the Tollgram membership link. You can now use Toolgram’s features for free.

Scroll to the toggle panel and click the “+” icon at the top of the screen.

Now log on to your channel’s added page in the Tologram app. Now add the robot that you made or the bot program to your application. Enter your channel for this purpose.

Now in the Administrators section you will see a list of your channel administrators, like the Administors option and click on the magnifying glass icon at the top and right of the page. Now type Toolgrambot.

Tap on it now to become one of your channel managers. In the following steps, tap on the channel registration option. Your channel is now registered in Toolgram.

So you can, after completing the above steps in the Toggle program, click on the post option and choose your post type. Now select your channel or channels to edit the post from the top menu.

Now complete the image section and image description. There are two options at the end of the job: either now or in the future

Right now: Sends your posts instantly.

Future Posting Option: Give your posts time, when to post.

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